This electric gaming bed is a death knell for your ailing body

Game, eat, sleep, repeat on Bauhutte’s all-in-one “Electric Gaming Bed.”

This is it, we’ve found the final piece to make your gaming setup a true battlestation. After all, are you truly a gamer unless you’re not within arms’ reach of your computer 24/7? Even while you’re sleeping?

Bauhutte dropped its latest innovation in the gaming furniture market, called the “Electric Gaming Bed.” Alright, so it’s really just a motorized bed frame, but it’s one you can put the “Gaming Mattress” that Bauhutte previously released onto. Unsurprisingly, Bauhutte’s mattress is just a normal-looking somewhat-thin mattress from longtime Japanese mattress company Nishikawa. But truly, this setup is only for the utmost gamers among us.


Before you get too tilted, Bauhutte actually does have a decent lineup of gaming chairs that’s suitable for students, office work, and of course gaming. It’s only when you wander off to their more experimental products in the “living and bedding” category where you find a gaming bean bag, a ninja onesie, and an energy wagon.

Slow hum of superiority — The latest eccentric piece of furniture from Bauhutte uses two motors and a simple remote to adjust the bed frame up to 35 degrees for your legs and up to 60 degrees for your back. Fully propped up, it’s reminiscent of those ugly La-Z-Boys from the ‘90s. But as times have changed, we must adapt with them and embrace the evolution that is the Electric Gaming Bed.


The bed frame measures about 78 x 37 inches, which is about the size of a twin XL mattress. You don’t really get much room to sprawl on this thing, but let’s be honest, the only action this bed is ever going to see is from your kill cams. The steel frame can hold up to 200 kilograms, or 440 pounds, and has adjustable feet for three different heights. Other than that, it’s pretty much just a simple motorized bed frame that has the “gaming” branding slapped onto it.


To cop or not to cop? — Bauhutte’s Electric Gaming Bed is listed on for 59,800 yen or around $480. If you want to go full gamer mode, you can also bundle it with the Gaming Mattress for around ¥83,398, or around $673.

For that price, you might be better served getting purpose-built things that look a lot more comfortable, like a Secretlab Titan or a used Herman Miller chair. And you could probably afford a halfway decent mattress with that budget. Sure, Bauhutte’s Electric Gaming Bed combines the two, but it’s still a very questionable investment. But hey, if they throw in some cool RGB lighting, I might be changing my tune.