Drop’s Lord of The Ring keyboards are for serious LARPers only

These pre-built mechanical keyboards feature Elvish and Dwarvish characters, along with subtle details for Tolkien superfans.

Your ultimate nerd battlestation isn’t complete unless your custom mechanical keyboard is in full Elvish. Luckily, Drop is here to help you out in that endeavor, with its latest pre-built mechanical keyboards made in collaboration with The Lord of the Rings.

Drop previously drew inspiration from the fantasy epic with just keycaps that had Elvish and Dwarvish characters on them. Now, Drop is working with Middle-earth Enterprises to release the first-ever officially licensed LOTR keyboards.


Instead of having to build out a mechanical keyboard with custom keycaps, you can just opt for these pre-built keebs. Plus, the base adds some extra details that you wouldn’t get with just the keycaps, like the Two Trees of Valinor on the Elvish edition and the Doors of Durin for the Dwarvish version.

English available — Cosmetics aside, Drop’s two LOTR keebs makes for decent entry-level mechanical keyboards. Both of the keyboards are built with Drop’s MT3 The Lord of the Rings keycaps, Holy Panda X switches, and Drop Phantom stabilizers. The base is a custom version of Drop’s ENTR keyboard that’s made of aluminum and is only offered in a ten-keyless layout.

These may be pre-built, but you can still customize them however you want, including with some orange variations on certain keys to add a little pop of color. Of course, Drop also makes a keycap that features The One Ring that would be a very suitable addition.

You’ll be able to swap out the Esc, Enter, Space and arrow keys on both keyboards.Drop

If you’re still brushing up on your Elvish or Dwarvish skills, Drop is offering a version of the keycaps that have traditional English characters on them.

October arrival — The two keyboards are already up for preorder on Drop’s website, but will arrive to Tolkien fans by early October. Both the Elvish and Dwarven editions are priced at $169, which is a pretty fair price for a decent mechanical keyboard that also shows off your undying love for the Tolkienverse.

Keycaps with English characters are available for those still learning.Drop

Unfortunately, these keyboards won’t arrive before the premiere of the new LOTR series, The Rings of Power, on September 2. But hey, it’s a pretty good way to further immerse yourself in the rich, hobbit-filled, world of The Lord of the Rings.