Dodge hopes fake engine noises can trick traditionalists into buying an EV

The Charger Daytona SRT concept is an EV that uses a fake exhaust to produce engine-like noises, simulating the feel of driving a traditional muscle car.

Electric vehicles are obviously better for the environment, but sometimes that faint hum from the electric motors just doesn’t cut it. For those of us who still want to hear the full power of an engine, Dodge has your back.

Dodge’s latest concept car, the Charger Daytona SRT, is a fully-electric muscle car with an actual exhaust. It’s not an exhaust in the traditional sense since there’s no internal combustion engine that it connects to, but it can hit up to 126dB, making it as loud as Dodge’s Hellcat models.

The Charger Daytona SRT looks like a modernized version of Dodge’s classic muscle cars.Dodge

Some of us are wondering what an exhaust is doing on an EV, since it arguably takes away from one of the benefits of driving EVs. But for Dodge, this mock exhaust is very much on-brand for its loyal flock of muscle car enthusiasts.

Like the real thing — For a concept car, Dodge has put out some very revealing photos. This could mean that Dodge is nearly ready to release an electrified Charger to market, although it will probably have some design exclusions.

Will the electric Charger that actually releases look similar to this concept?Dodge

Dodge opted for a two-door look for the Charger Daytona SRT, despite Chargers generally having four doors and Challengers having two. Dodge also drew inspiration from the spoiler design of the old school Dodge Daytona, incorporating it in the R-Wing design with the electrified Charger Daytona SRT.

Dodge pulled from its older spoiler designs for this concept car.Dodge

The centerpiece of the electric muscle car is its 800-volt electrical architecture that Dodge is calling Banshee. There’s no exact specs like top speed, or 0 to 60 mph yet, but Dodge is claiming the Banshee architecture is faster than the Hellcat models.

In another attempt to make EVs feel more like driving a muscle car, Dodge is trying to imitate the sensation of shifting gears with its “eRupt multi-speed transmission.” Apparently you’ll feel distinctive shifting points when driving the Charger Daytona SRT. Between that and the exhaust sounds, you might actually believe for a second that you’re not driving an EV.

The closest you’ll get to real engine noises and shifting in an EV.Dodge

Passing the torch — With Dodge discontinuing its gas-powered Charger and Challenger models next year, it’s leaving a major void in its lineup. With the reveal of the Charger Daytona SRT, it looks like Dodge could potentially fill that gap with a market-ready Charger EV.

We’ve already seen some buzz about electric muscle cars, like with Ford electrifying its Mustang and a potential electric Chevy Camaro. But comparatively, they just don’t look as cool as Dodge’s conceptual Charger. There’s still the question if muscle car enthusiasts would actually adopt electric cars, but at least Dodge knows its target audience well enough to design something worth trying out.