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Ditch local bars for the outdoors with this camping cocktail kit that’s 56% off

Camping outdoors this weekend? Become the campfire mixologist. Everyone will love you!

I have many camping trips and outdoor adventures planned this summer, especially after what we all had to endure in 2020. But keeping pace with quarantine, there will be plenty of booze.

When you start packing for a camping trip or day hike, a camping cocktail set probably doesn’t come to mind, but it should. Kick things up a notch, ditch those hipster local brews, and be the campfire bartender with this Wild + Wolf travel camping cocktail kit that’s 56 percent off right now at Sierra’s website. Instead of $30, equip yourself with tools to make tasty martini’s in the wilderness for only $13.

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Shaken, not stirred — Just as James Bond requests, most drinks should be shaken, not stirred. And that’s exactly why you’ll want a quality cocktail set to take camping. This kit from Wild & Wolf comes with a 16.9 oz shaker, a jigger, and a muddler in quality stainless steel.

I like that it comes in a navy blue and orange colorway, as it’ll match most outdoor enthusiast's camping gear. I know almost everything I have is orange, so one more item won’t hurt. This sale likely won’t last long, and if you need this ASAP for an upcoming adventure, it’s also on sale at REI.

You can walk around the campsite with friends and family offering up delicious beverages or sit by the campfire fueling the debauchery with liquor. The choice is yours. We also recommend you pack a good portable power station to keep the party and your gadgets going.