Disappointment 2000: The tech we were promised that never happened

Sometimes the future isn't as great as it first seems. Here are some examples of when tech didn't quite go to plan.

The Google Glass headset.
Kim Kulish/Corbis News/Getty Images

Ink-free printer

The Prepeat ink-free printer, as spotted by Coventry University, was demonstrated in 2010. It offers reusable plastic sheets that apply to the paper using heat. No ink, no toner, no nothing. The user can reprint a document 1,000 times. Unfortunately, with a four-figure price tag and no sign of mass market availability, it seems the Prepeat could never quite generate enough heat.

Color e-ink

Black and white e-ink screens have found a successful niche as a way to read books without straining the user's eyes. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos declared in 2009 that a Kindle with a color e-ink screen was "multiple years away." Over a decade later, the color e-ink screen remains obscure.

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