What character are you from every pop culture universe? This 'scientific' quiz will tell you

Between 20 and 38 questions, and 400 possible characters.


The classic Buzzfeed quiz has undergone a serious upgrade, thanks to the Open-Source Psychometrics Project, which makes a huge range of psychometric tests. Dubbed the "Statistical 'Which Character' Personality Quiz," which already sounds scientific, the test utilizes a sliding scale for a variety of questions to determine a matching character. For increased accuracy, the possible matches include 400 characters from a variety of universes, including Marvel, Harry Potter, and Seinfeld.

Taking the quiz — The quiz is available in three versions suited for different time commitments. The recommended version features 28 questions, while the complete one includes 121. Those looking for a quick answer can answer a random selection of 14 questions.

For example, one prompt asks users to place themselves on a sliding percentage scale between "wise" and "foolish." Other dichotomies include "blue collar" and "ivory tower," "arcane" and "mainstream," and "angelic" and "demonic.

An optional prompt, intended to help make the results even more accurate, allows you to choose which franchises you know well enough to rate their characters' personalities using similar sliders and alternatives.

My results — I took the 28-question version and got a 90-percent match for Tony Stark, which I am absolutely flattered by and won't argue with. I haven't watched Game of Thrones, Sherlock, or the West Wing — but I do agree with my matches from Jurassic Park, Breaking Bad, and Sex and the City. If being my friend group's Samantha makes me the promiscuous one, well, that's accurate. If being Tyrion makes me the drunken one with the killer insights, well, I'm happy to let that slide, too.

Of course, it's important to remember that this quiz is still just for fun. As elevated as its made the form, and as legitimate as the host may seem, the quiz's creators says it should not be used for "psychological advice of any kind." So don't go using it to vet new hires for your startup or anything. But do feel free to send it to your friends, whether to confirm your suspicions, or simply for the pleasure of watching them try to deny them.