Boston Dynamics will now let you teach its robot dog some new tricks with a free SDk

Good dog.

SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

Boston Dynamics' robot dog is finally good with strangers. The company has made Spot's SDK available to anyone who wants to teach the dog new tricks. Previously, Boston Dynamics only allowed developers in its early adopter program to do this. Now the source code is available to all via GitHub.

What has it learned already? — Since the early adopter program began in September, Spot has been utilized by the construction, energy utility, public safety, mining, and entertainment industries. To coincide with the announcement, MythBusters' Adam Savage released the initial video for his new "Year With Spot" campaign.

"Spot’s early adopters have had robots in hand and on-site for a few months now, and we’re seeing an early adopter community come together to build solutions on the platform,” said Boston Dynamics VP of Business Development Michael Perry in a release. “There’s no better way to facilitate getting customers the tools they need to create exciting new applications for the robot than connecting the already vibrant and creative community already leveraging Spot.”