Backbone’s new mobile controller is made for taking PlayStation on the go

The Backbone One was specifically designed to be used with PS Remote Play, but can be used for other games too.

You won’t even have to be next to your PS5 anymore to play it. Backbone collaborated with PlayStation to make a controller specifically designed for playing PS5 and PS4 games on your iPhone.

The PlayStation-specific version of the Backbone One works by attaching your iPhone, then booting up the PS Remote Play app. The controller untethers you from your PS5 and turns your iPhone into a portable PlayStation, giving you the same flexibility one might get with a Nintendo Switch.

A mobile way to play Stray? Sign me up.Backbone

Backbone has already made a name for itself with its Backbone One controller, but this version comes out of a collaboration between Backbone and PlayStation. It’s technically purpose-built for PS Remote Play, but you can still use it for other non-PlayStation games.

Mobile magic — Having the Backbone One connect directly to your iPhone through the Lightning port means you don’t have to deal with any Bluetooth pairing or potential dropped connections. The Backbone One won’t really feel out of place either, since it was designed to match the PS5’s DualSense wireless controller, with its white color scheme and transparent buttons.

The Backbone One won’t look out of place next to the PS5’s DualSense controller.Backbone

There are some PlayStation specific features as well: you can play and wake your PS4 or PS5 over data remotely without WiFi thanks to a recent update to PS Remote Play. While the controller was designed specifically to be used with PS Remote Play, you can use it for other App Store games, like Genshin Impact or Diablo Immortal.

Updated interface — Along with the PS-specific version of the Backbone One, Backbone updated its app with a dedicated row that shows you the latest releases, as well as any Playstation-specific updates. The app also works in portrait mode now when not attached to a Backbone device, meaning you can just scroll normally to find new games or watch gaming highlights. Once you connect back to a Backbone device, the app automatically goes back to landscape mode.

Backbone updated its app homepage to make it easier to find new releases.Backbone

The PlayStation-specific Backbone One will be available on its website for the same price as the other versions of the Backbone One at $100.