Asus’s unprecedented 500Hz monitor is full-on esports overkill

The ROG Swift 500Hz monitor was designed with Nvidia and offers the fastest response rate we've seen on a monitor yet.

Asus ROG Swift 500Hz monitor

Many of us haven’t even experienced the silky-smoothness of a 240Hz monitor, but Asus is already looking to put out a display with double that refresh rate. The ROG Swift 500Hz monitor was designed specifically with competitive esports in mind, particularly for pro gamers looking to get every edge they can.

Think games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, and Rainbow Six Siege where firefights are won or lost in a matter of milliseconds. I’m no pro gamer, so I probably wouldn’t even notice a major difference between a monitor with a 360Hz refresh rate and one with 500Hz, but for those whose jobs rely on performing well in certain games, I understand why any potential edge is worth going after.

The superfast monitor was designed for competitive esports.Asus

Refresh rate over resolution — The Asus ROG Swift 500Hz is clearly designed for gamers since the 24.1-inch monitor only has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. Serious gamers don’t care much about high resolution numbers like 4K. Instead, Full HD is more than enough since they are more concerned with a monitor’s response times and latency. According to Asus, the monitor was able to get these absurd refresh rates through a new esports TN technology, which also gives it 60 percent better response times than standard TN panels.

The Asus ROG Swift 500Hz monitor will have the fastest refresh rate we’ve seen yet.Asus

Asus worked with Nvidia for the ROG Swift 500Hz monitor, incorporating its Reflex Analyzer tool that lets users customize settings for improved input lag and its G-Sync features that combats any stuttering or screen-tearing. Asus also says it included an enhanced Vibrance mode that lets you better see the details and highlights of your enemy.

Hardcore gamers only — Neither Asus nor Nvidia revealed any prices for the 500Hz monitor, but it’ll likely have a hefty price tag since it’s catered towards professional gamers. For reference, the ROG Swift 360Hz monitor retails for $499.

For all the filthy casuals out there, myself included, a monitor with a 500Hz refresh rate is definitely extra. I’d still recommend the upgrade from 60Hz to 120Hz though, or even to 240Hz if you want a see an even smoother difference. But anything after that, our eyes are probably only seeing diminishing returns.

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