Arcimoto’s super-fast electric delivery vehicles are coming to New York

The electric vehicle maker is partnering with delivery vehicle rental service JOCO to pilot its Deliverator EV in New York City.

Arcimoto Deliverator EV

Your UberEats order may be arriving in an Arcimoto Deliverator EV starting next month. Arcimoto is looking to bring its new delivery-focused electric vehicle to the congested streets of Manhattan in a partnership with JOCO. The pilot program is expected to start on June 15 when the three-wheel Deliverator EVs will become available on JOCO’s network of rental delivery vehicles.

Compared to driving a car around the city, electric bikes and mopeds are definitely a more eco-friendly — and sometimes faster — way to get people their GrubHub or DoorDash orders. The Deliverator doesn’t have as slim of a profile as most e-bikes, but it does offer a lot more range, convenience, safety and carrying capacity.

Real-fast delivery — Arcimoto designed its Deliverator for local and last-mile delivery, giving it an impressive top speed of 75 mph, a range of 102 city miles, and more than 20 cubic feet of cargo space. On top of that, the smaller size of the Deliverator means you can fit three of them into a single parking space.

Arcimoto’s FUV.

The Oregon-based EV maker designed its Deliverator after its FUV, which is short for fun utility vehicle. I doubt you’ll be having much fun driving this thing through the jam-packed streets of New York City though, where you’ll have to deal with the staggering lack of parking spaces and the constant chaos of traffic.

Coming this summer — The Deliverator will be coming to Manhattan in the summer, but only through JOCO’s rental program where you can rent them on a daily or weekly basis. If you want one for yourself, you won’t be able to get your hands on a FUV or any of Arcimoto’s other models just yet in New York.

Arcimoto’s EVs are available in a few states already, but not in New York. That’s probably a good thing for now, since packing more vehicles into the city might not be the best idea. For now, you can only place a $100 refundable preorder for any of Arcimoto’s five models, including the Deliverator, and the company will reach out when its EVs are available to sell in New York.