Apacer is bringing blazing fast SSDs to consumers

Apacer's Zadak TWSG5

13K MB/s

The blazing fast read speed of Apacer's PCIe Gen 5 SSDs.


Loading times may soon be a relic of the past. Apacer revealed the first PCIe Gen 5 SSDs for consumers, both oh which offer an impressive 13,000 MB/s write speed, as first reported by The Taiwanese company teased its two SSDs during Computex 2022, the Apacer AS2280F5 and the Zadak TWSG5 under its more gaming-centric brand.

We’ve actually seen PCIe Gen 5 SSDs with these ultra-fast read and write speeds before, when Samsung announced its PM1743 in December. The only catch was that they’re being specifically designed for enterprise server needs and not for consumers — though, we all figured that it was only a matter of time before these specs made their way down to consumers.

Lighting speeds — Both the Apacer AS2280F5 and the Zadak TWSG5 offer 13,000 MB/s read speeds and 12,000 MB/s write speeds. The Apacer model will have an aluminum heatsink and built-in protection technologies to make sure your data is transferred properly, while the Zadak version will have two options of heatsinks: An ultra-thin graphene style or a aluminum option similar to the Apacer model.

The Apacer AS2280F5 has a rather bulky aluminum body.Apacer

Apacer says both of the Gen 5 SSDs will have a five-year warranty and are backwards compatible with the PCIe Gen 4 standard. To get the full potential, you’ll need a platform that offers PCIe 5.0 support though, like with Intel’s 12th-gen Alder Lake chips. And lucky for us, AMD just revealed its Ryzen 7000 Series and AM5 platform that also supports the PCIe 5.0 standard.

Made for big files — One of the more glaring omissions from Apacer’s teaser is capacity numbers. We have no idea how much storage either of these blazing fast SSDs will accommodate. Apacer didn’t provide any release dates or pricing either, only noting that the next-gen Apacer and Zadak SSDs will be available at the end of the year.

If you’re wondering about whether you need those extremely high read and write speeds, chances are you don’t. If you’re just looking to reduce loading times for gaming, these Apacer SSDs are very unnecessary. But if you work with huge files, like with video editing or 3D graphics and animation, these might make your life a little easier.

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