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You don’t want to miss these impressive AirPods deals

Amazon is running a number of discounts on Apple's wireless ear bud range.

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Ahead of Black Friday 2021 there are already a number of online deals across every product imaginable. So before you get into your Thanksgiving meal preparations, here is a rundown on Amazon’s AirPod discounts.

The biggest markdown is on the AirPods Pro (you can also check out Input’s review of them here), which Apple debuted in October 2019. Typically a $250 value, you can grab a pair for $159 right now, which comes out to a 36 percent discount.

Go pro — Another enticing discount revolves around a more recent entry into the AirPod line-up, specifically the AirPods Max, which aren’t really pods but over-the-ear headphones. They were released towards the end of 2020 in December and are the highest-end option in the AirPod collection. Originally a $549 value, they are currently on sale for $439.99, good for a 20% discount.

Recent but still discounted — Apple’s latest AirPods, the 3rd generation ones, are also included in the discounts. However, considering that they were released late last month, the sale isn’t that significant. Normally a $179 retail value, you can get them for $169.99, which only comes out to a 5 percent discount. Regardless, if this was something you were planning on buying, a discount is still a discount.

The final product in the AirPod sale is the 2nd generation pair, which released in Spring 2019. This option would be your best bet if you aren’t looking to break the bank. They are on sale for $109, compared to a $159 value, offering a 31 percent discount.

It is unclear how long this sale will last, but considering the size of the discounts, we wouldn’t imagine this will be in effect for too long. Act now before it’s too late.