Acura’s new electric SUV concept teases flashy front grille

The Precision EV Concept could serve as a preview of what’s to come with Acura’s EV lineup.

We finally have some news about Acura’s electric vehicle plans. The automaker didn’t exactly announce a new EV, but it did tease its fully electric SUV concept, which is dubbed the Precision EV Concept.

Acura released a short video teasing some of the front design elements, mostly showing off its unique grille. The Precision EV Concept’s grille largely borrows from the intricate design that we see with Acura’s recent models like the Integra, TLX, or MDX. The one major difference is that it comes clad with some fancy LEDs throughout.

It’s only a concept right now, but the glowing grille is mesmerizing.Acura

For Acura fans, you might remember a similar Precision Concept vehicle that was displayed at the 2016 Detroit auto show. This time around, Acura’s latest concept is an EV version that is similarly meant to show off its new design elements and features for upcoming cars.

Playing catch-up — Acura was very sparse with details within the short teaser video. Considering Honda is Acura’s parent company and that Honda partnered with GM to make EVs on the Ultium platform, it’s a fair assumption that any future Acura EV would be built on the Ultium platform.

Ultium is already being used with several GM vehicles, including the Chevy Blazer EV, the Cadillac Lyriq, and the Hummer EV. It’s hard not to notice but there’s not a lot of Honda vehicles on that Ultium lineup, Acura included. Honda and Acura are a little behind compared to other automakers, but it does have a goal to launch 30 EV models by 2030. At least Honda has announced its first fully electric vehicle, the Honda Prologue, which is due to arrive in 2024.

The Prologue will be Honda’s first all-electric vehicle.Honda

Cool concept — As for Acura, this concept is a clever way to give us a taste of what Acura EVs could look like, even though it’s lagging behind the competition. Acura said it’s planning to debut the Precision EV Concept during Monterey Car Week in California on August 18. Hopefully, Acura will feature some of those unique design elements we’re seeing in the teaser to make up for some lost time. But the Precision EV Concept is still just that — a concept — so let’s not get our hopes too high.