Jury orders Apple to pay $838 million for infringing on CalTech's WiFi patents

A total judgment of $1.1 billion including Apple's chip supplier.

Bloomberg/Bloomberg/Getty Images

A federal jury has ordered Apple to pay the California Institute of Technology $837.8 million for infringing upon its Wi-Fi chip technology, Reuters reports. That's just part of the total $1.1 billion judgment, which includes an additional $270.2 million from Apple chip supplier Broadcom.

Four years later — CalTech filed the suit in 2016 and alleged that the Wi-Fi chips found in millions of iPhones infringed upon their patents. Broadcom said in a statement that it disputes the jury's findings and plans to file an appeal. Apple declined further comment but also said it will appeal.

Chips a plenty — Just last week, Broadcom announced new deals to sell up to $15 billion in chips to Apple through the middle of 2023. About one-fifth of its sales come from Apple, with other customers including HP, IBM, Dell, Motorola, and Nintendo.