5G: 4 reasons why it's about more than just high speed

The next generation of cellular connectivity is almost here.

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Lower latency

What it is: 5G is set to offer faster response times than its predecessor. In February 2018, Qualcomm demonstrated how latency dropped from 114 milliseconds on 4G to 4.9 milliseconds on 5G. Verizon suggests 5G should typically offer latencies less than 30 milliseconds.

Why you should care: Lower latency means 5G will work better for applications like video games, where response times are everything. It also means latency will be more in line with home connections, which the FCC suggests are between 12 to 37 milliseconds.

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Lower latency could enable all-new smartphone games, like a multiplayer zombie game that requires fast reactions. It could also enable players to connect to their home video games console via PlayStation Now or xCloud.

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