If you love elote, AKA Mexican street corn, this sneaker is for you

YUMS’ red, white, and yellow shoe takes design cues from the delicious snack, one of its founder’s favorite.

YUMS "Elote" sneaker

YUMS, the sneaker brand that relaunched this year after surviving a Nike lawsuit, has unveiled a delectable new shoe that pays tribute to elote, or Mexican street corn. Complete with a graphic of the snack, the sneakers feature a red, white, and yellow design nodding to elote and its toppings of sour cream, mayonnaise, chili powder, and cotija cheese.

An acronym for "You Understand My Style," YUMS was originally founded in 2007 by street artist Tex Moton. As the designer and Chief Creative Officer of YUMS, Moton brought details like translucent soles and graffiti art to the sneakers, drawing inspiration from his favorite foods and snacks — one of which is elote.

“I grew up in Pleasant Grove, Dallas, and the Mexican culture influence was heavy in our neighborhood,” Moton told Input. “I gained a love for elotes from the corner street carts, gas stations, and meat markets.” His favorite place to get the street snack, he mentioned, is from the “awesome lady with her cart in front of Fuel City, in Dallas.”

A corny design — But for those who don’t live near Texas, Moton has created a sneaker capable of bringing the Mexican food anywhere. YUMS’ new “Elote” sneaker features red suede toe caps, a white leather upper, and a bright yellow patent leather heel tab. A red rubber sole and signature transparent sole art inlay help bring the theme home: Underneath the shoe, you’ll find a graphic of the snack itself.


For full customization, the sneakers can be accessorized with an extra pair of contrast color laces, as well as a matching red, yellow, and white baseball cap featuring YUMS’ smirking graphic. All that’s missing is a serving of elote.

Meant to be relished — “On personal and cultural levels, there's a form of escapism in our favorite treats or snacks that give us a break to disconnect from everything and simply enjoy something,” said Moton of his flavorful footwear. “People look at sneakers… from the side view, then the top, around to the heel, around to the bottom. With YUMS, once they hit the [graphic] bottom, the flavor as a whole really comes together for them… that's when you see the emotional connection made; their eyes light up with a smile or laugh.”


With his snack-themed shoes, Moton hopes to provide joy in the sneaker world. “That's YUMS…that's what we bring to the table,” he said of the feeling. Especially after surviving a Nike lawsuit — a monumental win for a brand as small as YUMS — the colorful sneaker label will continue celebrating life through its designs. Should you want a bite, YUMS’ “Elote” shoes drop at 5 p.m. ET today on the brand’s website.