Yeezy is dropping the perfect house shoes tomorrow — and they're actually cheap

$55 Slides from Kanye West? Yes, please.

House shoe season remains at its peak. Really, you should always maintain dedicated footwear for the crib — but with the coronavirus having us trapped inside for an indefinite sentence, indoor-only shoes are more useful than ever. And now that we know COVID-19 can survive on soles for up to five days, it's important to wear something else on your feet as you wander around inside your home aimlessly as you wonder when this is all going to end. Bare feet? That's just gross, no matter how clean you think your floors are.

If you haven't bought into the correct designation of house shoes and outside shoes yet, Kanye West may be the one to finally help you make it happen. His Yeezy slides are re-releasing in four colors on Thursday — including two new ones — and coming in adult, kids, and infants sizing. Buying in won't even cost you a lot of bread, despite the Yeezy label. Prices peak at $55 for adults and go down to $35 for infants, providing a great entry point to both house shoes and Yeezy, if the latter has been prohibitive for you in the past.


Simple, with a slight edge — These pups are just as comfortable as they look, thanks to soft-molded EVA foam construction. That smoothness up top, aesthetically, is offset by a shark-toothed sole that would leave an interesting footprint as proof that you've goofed and worn them outside.

All four variants dropping tomorrow maintain an earthy feel with the names "Bone," "Resin," "Earth Brown," and "Desert Sand." Perhaps wearing them will make you feel as if you're strolling through nature instead of treading in place, both in your residence and conceptually. Whether you wear them with socks or without is entirely up to you. The only rule here is the one I won't stop repeating.

Ship 'em to your home — The first three colorways all drop on Adidas' website and YEEZY Supply at 10AM ET Thursday, while the "Desert Sand" pair will be exclusive to the latter. Snag one for yourself or for the full family in quarantine. Once they've arrived at your door, never let them step foot outside again.