Pandemic fashion: Finally, a face shield with built-in sunglasses is here

The Yeezy of face shields.

Vue Shield
Vue Shield

America was radically changed by the pandemic, which a year ago we thought would last only a few weeks. While we initially saw a lack of PPE, COVID’s resilience supplied a demand for more, and new, innovative ideas were born. Top health officials, including Dr. Fauci, are now recommending double-masking for extra protection — but Americans ask, “What’s the fun in that?” Instead, you can now opt for a full-face shield, called the Vue Shield, which promises a “less intrusive” feeling and comes with blue light protection for “everyday practicality.”

The Vue Shield isn’t new technology, but its array of fancy features certainly differentiates it from other face shields on the market, which, trust, is a lot. Like masks, most were initially worn by healthcare professionals, but the pandemic has made the face shield practical for daily life. Last year, a clear barely-there face-covering debuted in South Korea, with the objective of keeping your dirty hands away from your face — but the campaign made no mention of keeping COVID droplets at bay. Then, Louis Vuitton dropped a face shield made exclusively for rich people, which featured monogram leather and an $1,800 price tag.

Pure bliss.Vue Shield

As the latest face shield offering, the Vue seems like a “just right” alternative to these plastic masks. But its marketing also seems to promote using its product in place of a mask, instead of in addition, as the CDC recommends. With a guaranteed “less alien and intrusive” feeling, the Vue Shield is designed to accommodate a face mask — “for those desiring ultra safety,” its website clarifies. Nowhere does the brand state the shield should be worn with a mask, save for a note at the bottom of one page: “The CDC does not recommend using face shields or goggles as a substitute for masks.” Of course, it’s up to the individual user.

Clear the air — Still, the Vue is practical in many ways you wouldn’t expect from a face shield. Its designer Joe Doucet crafted the shield with integrated sunglass lenses and arms that make it easier to wear. Plus, the plastic mask features all-over UVA, UVB, and blue light protection, so you don’t have to worry about applying daily sunscreen or eye strain.

Drip (contained).Vue Shield

Since the shield doesn’t actually touch the wearer’s face, there’s enough room for glasses, a mask, or even a full face of makeup under the plastic. Reviews have praised the Vue for providing a “pre-COVID experience,” and “sexiness through the roof.” There’s nothing hotter than a face windshield. Made out of anti-fog material, the shield also caters towards those who wear glasses, and won’t fog up when your jaw drops at how sexy you look in it. Maybe we should start only wearing the Vue?

Despite the Vue’s minimal, sleek, and sexy design, the product is available in both women’s and men’s, as well as an identical unisex version. It’s important everyone has a right to choose which mask they’d like, as you wouldn’t want to worry about looking ridiculous in your futuristic face bubble.

Vue Shield

S’il vue plaît — No matter how absurd this concept is, you can’t admit you don’t want one. As of now, the clear Vue Shield retails at $39, a small price to pay for its level of protection and sexiness. The face-covering can be bought on Vue's website, where you can also buy in bulk or wholesale.

It might not be long before we’re all walking around in Vue Shields — with its flashiness, uncalled-for features, and sex appeal, it’s destined to be an American success. I just can’t decide if we’ll be seeing Lil Uzi or Kim Kardashian in this first.

Vue Shield