Virgil Abloh can't stop the Off-White collabs, drops skincare 'Protection Box'

The brand wants to save your face from all those mask germs.

Off-White AmorePacific Protection Box

Pharrell entered the extremely lucrative space of skincare late last year, and Virgil Abloh is joining him in exposing hypebeasts to a whole new money suck.

Together with the Korean beauty brand AmorePacific, Off-White is releasing a skincare kit specifically targeted to combat the effects of increased mask use. The "Protection Box" comes with cotton pads, "soothing and hydrating" sheet masks, a UV protective tone-up cushion, and moisturizing lip balm. There's also a face mask of the COVID-era variety, which you can use to protect yourself and subject your skin from the very problems the products seek to solve.

Perhaps most enticing of all is the box the products come in, which is branded with Off-White's hand motif and has a strap to match. Even if you don't use it to house your skincare kit, it's useful as a side bag that tells the world you are indeed trying to do the most.


What's a tone-up cushion? — Are you not hip to the wider world of skincare products? Let us give you a primer. A tone-up cushion comes from the esteemed world of Korean beauty and applies a liquid intended to block the fine dust in the air of Seoul. They usually come with SPF protection, as well, to protect you from the sun.

The purpose of the rest of the goods should be self-evident with only a modicum of skincare knowledge, but you may not have considered the effect routinely covering your face has had on your skin. I'm not sure it's really problematic enough to warrant an entire dedicated kit, but you should be mindful of the grime that can build up on your mask and be passed onto your delicate epidermis.


The kit may be exclusive to Asia — For now, the rollout of Off-White's skincare kit has only been announced for Korea, Japan, and China. It'll first release February 1 through AmorePacific's website before hitting Naver Shopping on February 8 and Korean stores on February 10. Later in March, it'll then drop in Japan and China.

If you just have to have this hypebeast skincare kit, it's time to take the proxy knowledge you've acquired from copping jawnz and apply it to cosmetics. Doing so will set you back ~$176 before any proxy and shipping fees, but your dedication to garms should already have you accustomed to absurd splurges.