These weird, freaky toe shoes with nail polish can now be yours

The Vibram FiveFingers gets an eery makeover from Suicoke and Midorikawa.

Suicoke Midorikawa Vibram FiveFingers

If you thought the Vibram FiveFingers wasn’t a weird enough shoe on its own, Japanese brands Suicoke and Midorikawa have taken the silhouette to its maximum skeeve level. After the bizarre footwear option was first unveiled in April, it’s finally hitting stores this week.

The three-pronged collaboration sees the articulated toe shoe rendered in skin tones with nail polish to make the resemblance to real feet even stronger. Three different skin color options are available — Ivory, Snow, and Mocha — making the ability to creep out others with the appearance of bare feet an inclusive activity. And for further personalization, each tone comes with two different nail polish options for six different variants of the FiveFingers in total.

Why would anyone wear such a shoe? Well, there’s certainly a high degree of camp involved — and the discomfort you’ll create within onlookers doesn’t skew problematic. Some people, such as the extremely outdoors, already swear by the benefits of Vibram’s Fivefingers, and by rendering them even more anatomically correct, Suicoke and Midorikawa may bring a whole new crowd into the fold. And let’s not forget the foot fetishists who, if not on themselves, will absolutely love to see you in a pair.


As close to barefoot as you can get — Provided you’re not just into the polished FiveFingers for the aesthetic, you’ll also be pleased to know there are several benefits associated with wearing the one-of-a-kind shoes. Being barefoot is, of course, innate to our bodies — and running or walking in the shoe will allow your feet to operate naturally while protecting them from any sharp or hard surfaces that might cause harm.

Our toes are also intended to help provide grip, and by separating each digit the FiveFingers encourages them to work at full strength. Overall, the shoe is said to increase balance, agility, and grip, and can also help to improve your posture.

If you’re into the collision of function and a very specific form, you’ll be able to get Suicoke and Midorikawa’s Vibram FiveFingers this Friday, November 19. Stock will be available through both Suicoke and Midorikawa’s websites for ~$220, and to get them stateside you’ll just have to enlist a proxy service.