Vetements goes all in on furry fashion with $2,000 teddy bear slippers

Rubberized soles mean you can even wear them to the office.

Vetements Wild Cat Teddy Loafers

As we transition back from working in our homes to our offices again, it’s become difficult to leave key comforts behind; sweatpants and slippers especially. Yet a luxury twist on house shoes, per Vetements, may offer a solution... assuming you’ve got $2,090 and a reputation to burn.

The French fashion label — known for its tongue-in-cheek designs — has created teddy bear slippers complete with an exorbitant price tag. Mimicking plush iterations from the ’90s, the shoes are two large, wearable teddy bears including just enough space for your feet.

Lazy luxury — With a retail price of over $2,000, Vetements’ slippers are lounging at its most luxurious. Made in Italy, the teddy bear loafers come dressed in brown and black padded fleece to uphold their style name — “Wild Cat Teddy Loafers” — while also disguising flecks of dirt or dust within their spotted fluff. Velcro fastening and rubber outsoles make the slippers even more practical, allowing the wearer to don the shoes outside for a quick errand or full-on statement look — neither of which are advised in the rain.


And, unsurprisingly, the Venn diagram of those looking to make teddy bear slippers fashion and those looking to spend excessive amounts of money is a circle. Seven sizes are already sold out on SSENSE, where the shoes are stocked — and at the time of writing, only five slippers remain. Is this rich people's humor?

Grin and bear it — Once again, Vetements has cashed out on its meme-y fashion and we can’t decide whether the brand is idiotic or ingenious. From a luxury Happy Meal to paint-splattered Reeboks, the French fashion label has effortlessly marketed its outlandish and overpriced products to the upper class, who eat up the designs out of pure irony.


But who’s really the butt of the joke here: The brand profiting off nonsense fashion or the customer spending $2,000 on teddy bear slippers and then wearing them out as a flex? Never mind if your size is sold out and you have to turn to resale sites for furry slip-ons.

Granted, if you have that kind of money to spend on house shoes — especially those shaped like teddy bears — more power to you. Just bear with me as I check my bank account in tears.