Vetements' new highlighter-yellow sandals have toe grooves

They also cost over $300.


If you’ve ever wanted to replicate the shape of your foot with your footwear but believed Vibram’s polarizing FiveFinger wasn’t revealing enough, Vetements is here to make your day.

The latest incendiary piece to come from the French clothing brand is a new flip flop rounded out in the shape of toes. Square footage without Vetements branding is in short supply, with it appearing debossed and repeated on both sides of the sole, as well as on both straps.

Whether you go with the neon yellow option or its more muted black counterpart, consider this a more fashionable version of the FiveFinger favored by the tech crowd. While the actual shape is less gross, the flip flop’s $310 price tag makes it equally, if not more, audacious. What better way to put your toes and your wealth on full display?