Vetement’s ‘fashion’ burger and fries definitely won’t make the Dollar Menu

The brand is trying to make fast food hype with its own “artisan” meal.

Vetements Burger

Vetements’ SS20 show took place in an actual McDonald’s, with models donning modified iterations of logos from famous labels like Heineken, Playstation, and Bose in a bid to critique capitalism. And if you thought that era was over, think again — Vetements has now fully immersed itself by creating its own version of a Happy Meal, in collaboration with the Moscow-based fashion concept store KM20. Would you like fries with that?

Apparently, food is fashion now. With Moschino debuting literal baguette bags, and Maison Margiela stocking loafers in the shape of well, a loaf of bread, style has been headed in a delectable direction for some time. Vetements is just taking the food inspiration to the next level, keeping in check with its reputation for taking mundane items and turning them into coveted — and costly — collectibles.

Frying up fashion — According to Vetements, the “VETEMENTS BURGER” is “crafted by trained artisans with the highest quality ingredients.” The label’s luxury meal features a vegetarian burger topped with cheese and mushrooms, fries, and lemonade, all wrapped in sustainable packaging boasting the brand’s signature monogram print.

Of course, the pictures of the meal make it that much more appetizing — the uniform look of the fast food almost makes you forget it’s not a luxury lunch, despite what Vetements wants you to think. Just like McDonald’s, remember the real deal: Do its burgers really look like the ads?

That said, you probably won’t be able to get your hands on the Vetements junk food anyway. Staying true to its fashion roots, everything is extremely exclusive, with the meals limited to 2,000 portions. Oh, and you have to be in Moscow to indulge in the fare, as the burgers are only being served out of the KM20 store. At this point, just treat yourself to a more easily accessible Happy Meal.

Not the gloves... Vetements

Don’t bite off more than you can chew — WWD reports KM20 has carried Vetements since the label’s 2014 inception, and its in-house vegetarian burger was a favorite of Guram Gvasalia, Vetements’ co-founder and CEO. “Why not?” Gvasalia told WWD about the burger. “We always look for alternative ways to do things. This is only the beginning. There are more exciting launches in different countries coming this year, and not only food.”

If you’re waiting for the vegetarian meal to come your way, though, perhaps think twice before consuming. Vetements hasn’t announced pricing for its delicacies, but considering their exclusivity — and the brand’s notoriety for marking up the mundane — your french fries will cost more than the Dollar Menu. Still hungry?