As small businesses struggle, Vans wants to help them design and sell custom sneakers

All net proceeds will go to participating shops.

In order to help relieve the damage coronavirus shutdowns have done on small businesses, Vans has announced the "Foot the Bill" initiative. Under it, 80 skate shops, restaurants, music venues, and other businesses will be chosen to customize sneakers for sale directly through Vans. All net proceeds from sales will go to the respective businesses.

Providing the canvas — Vans may just have the most toyed-with silhouettes in all of footwear. In addition to its numerous collaborators — a diverse grouping that includes Supreme, Disney, and Damien Hirst — the brand has allowed customers to customize shoes online since 2004. It's through that platform that the chosen businesses are able to create their own designs on either the Classic Slip-On or Era. Vans will produce up to 500 pairs for each business, and once they're gone, they're gone.

The lineup — The initial launch includes more than 30 businesses across the United States, most of which are local skate shops. Over the next month, more businesses from around the world will be added to reach the full 80. Exceptions from the skateboarding norm include El Club, an all-ages arts venue in Detroit; Jon & Vinny's, a restaurant on Los Angeles' streetwear-heavy Fairfax Avenue; and Elsewhere, a music venue in Brooklyn.

Wear your support — All the designs currently available can be found right here. All pairs are priced at $90, and purchasing is a great way to support the small businesses you love while coming away with some super limited merch.