Ugg's Gore-Tex winter sneaker is tough, chunky, and has no fur

The "CA805" gets the rugged treatment.

Ugg's pivot from Christian Girl Autumn bread and butter into an acceptable brand in fashion has been remarkable to observe. The Australian purveyor of sheepskin boots has collaborated itself into favor with the help of Telfar, N. Hoolywood, Heron Preston, and others. Hell, even the gawd André Leon Talley is a fan, parlaying 10 years of a surprising footwear choice into a leading spot for Ugg's latest campaign.

The resurgence of Ugg hasn't just been about its lambskin boots, though. Its "CA805" sneaker, first released in 2018, has been a sleeper hit for those who know. (And I'd be remiss not to share Ugg's bangin' fleece with serious Patta vibes, which I just discovered today.) Chunky and on-trend, the CA805 is the type of sneaker that draws compliments and then astonishment when you reveal that you got it from the boot store. And now it's even better than ever, thanks to the miracle tech that is Gore-Tex.


A trusty winter sneaker — We love a waterproof sneaker that can hold up in winter, and we welcome an entry outside of the usual suspects like Nike and more outdoor-focused specialists. Here, Ugg tucks away a Gore-Tex membrane inside the upper constructed with waterproof leather and a recycled polyester mesh. In addition to making for an easy on and off, the zipper, as well as the tongue, are gusseted to prevent your feet from getting wet.

Down below is Ugg's lightweight Treadlite midsole and a jagged outsole to help keep you upright. Ugg branding, which was already kept to a minimum with small embossing, is now buried further by a repeating, monochrome Gore-Tex print on the collar. If you still feel some type of way about wearing Uggs, just tell people your sneakers are Gore-Tex and whisper, "by Ugg," under your breath.


Scoop 'em up in black or white — There's no need to mark your calendar, as Ugg's newly waterproof CA805s are available right now in either all-black or all-white. Pricing is set at $150, which is just the right price for a sneaker you can wear in rain, sleet, or snow. If you're suffering from fatigue in the hyped world of sneakers, scoop up the CA805 with ease while your friends lament their latest rebuff from the SNKRS app.