Travis Scott's Dior collection features a Pop Smoke tribute T-shirt

And a whole lot of Cactus Jack graphics.

Travis Scott Dior

Travis Scott’s co-designed collection went down the runway at Paris Fashion Week today, marking the first time a musician has been brought into the fold at the French luxury house. But even before the show began, Scott previewed one of the key items — a T-shirt paying tribute to Pop Smoke.

Scott shared images of the T-shirt to Instagram prior to the runway show going live on both Dior’s site and Travis’ own. And as a behind-the-scenes video also posted to IG showed, Scott even learned how to sew in his collaboration with Dior creative director Kim Jones. “The precision you have to have is not a joke,” Scott said, proving yes, fashion ain’t easy.

The full collection was as graphic heavy as you’d expect from Scott, including a play on the Dior oblique print that reads “Jack” and a mashup of the two parties’ logos. Beyond the expected streetwear staple tees sent down the desert runway with massive cacti, mushrooms, and flowers, was an abundance of satin in faded pink, purple, and brown. Childish faces also adorned knit and turtleneck sweaters, while numerous chaotic prints invoke the “rage” mentality signature to Scott’s brand.

Grown up but still lit? — Scott’s “conversation” with Jones and Dior is a big step up from his typical collaborations with the likes of McDonald’s and Fortnite, bringing the most consumable star in music to the world of luxury. Duster coats in brown or neon green bridge the two worlds, and few kids will be wearing the Travis Scott Dior goods come the collection’s release next spring.

Scott told Women’s Wear Daily his collection is inspired by the “psychedelic rock” direction his next album will take, and many of the tailored pieces from his link-up with Dior wouldn’t look out of place at Burning Man. “I just tried to take some of the textures of what you might see in my backyard on an everyday basis,” he said. “I wanted to make something that felt like you can wear it on the street every day, but it still has some type of way that you can wear it in and out of a major building, or to the bodega – so we just took that journey.”

In this new journey, Scott will cater to an entirely different wealth bracket than before. While the kids may scrape together all their money to acquire one of the collection’s graphic tees, we’ll see just how much of an appetite there is for a Travis Scott suit or sweater vest.