It’s lit: Travis Scott gets into the marijuana business with Cactus Farms

Featuring a “dense, purple bud that releases a pungent, funky-sweet gas aroma rounded out by a unique berry twist.”

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Travis Scott is getting lit. The artist — who has released his own versions of spiked seltzer, McDonald’s meals, and Dior T-shirts — is now expanding his business portfolio via a partnership with Connected Cannabis. Together, Scott and the California-based cultivator are launching Cactus Farms, the rapper’s first official entry into the marijuana industry.

Scott’s co-branded products have saturated nearly every market, so it’s no surprise to see the artist tap into the cannabis space — something he’s shown love for with tracks like “Highest in the Room” and smoking with Seth Rogen (who also has his own cannabis brand). And regardless of how dank Scott’s strain may be, the rapper’s name is enough to compete with established cannabis companies, including those founded by fellow rappers Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z.

Stoned like Scott — Acting as a cannabis sommelier, Scott hand-selected a hybrid strain for Cactus Farm’s initial debut. According to Connected Cannabis, the Indica-leaning strain “features a dense, purple bud that releases a pungent, funky-sweet gas aroma rounded out by a unique berry twist.”

Cactus Farms

Scott’s selection comes in equally refined packaging, which flaunts drawings of cacti and flowers for that all-natural feel. Antlers above the “Cactus Farms” branding nod to a jackalope, the mythical animal representing Scott’s Cactus Jack nickname.

La Flame — another appropriate nickname — has yet to announce branded accessories like lighters or ashtrays, though they’re likely in the making. Scott’s weed can only stay fresh for so long, and while fans are sure to refill their supply, there’s nothing they love more than collectible items. Soon enough, the rapper’s hyped smoking accessories will appear on resale sites for 10 times their retail price.

Cloud of clout — But just like any other Scott-branded product, consumers are worried about limited stock and pricing — which retailers haven’t exactly been “straight up” about. Instagram comments under one dispensary’s announcement reported an eighth of the rapper’s bud would cost a whopping $70, though stockists haven’t clarified. “[For that price], I don’t care if [Scott] handpicked this,” read a follow-up comment.

Scott doing quality control. Marc Piasecki/GC Images/Getty Images

Still, hypebeasts will likely flock to available dispensaries to relax like Cactus Jack. Scott’s strain has already been stocked at California dispensaries that carry Connected products as well as Harvest dispensaries in Arizona — which claim Scott’s strain “smokes with the same experience as sipping a fine wine.” Better than sipping the rapper’s Cacti spiked seltzer, if you ask us.