These cabana shirts are the ultimate summer need — and good for Earth, too

Tombolo, the streetwear brand behind them, is donating 100 percent of proceeds to environmental causes.

Cabana shirts are a great option for elevated loungewear, but more often than not, you’re looking at the design from inside a country club. New-York-based brand Tombolo, however, has transformed the cabana shirt into the ultimate summer drip, retaining the luxury feel but updating the silhouette to feel more modern and street style. Now, in honor of Earth Day, the brand is dropping two new designs dubbed the “Earth Cabanas,” and will donate 100 percent of the profits to environmental causes.

More often than not, Earth Day collections are filled with weird eco-related graphics and little to no promise to actually help the environment the brand is marketing. Tombolo, however, is one of the few brands dedicated to making a difference, and profits from their two unisex designs will benefit both land and sea-based causes, depending on what color shirt you buy.

Summer drip — These aren’t your typical cabana shirts either. Instead of seeing the traditional boxy button-up, Tombolo has reimagined the design to include white-capped sleeves, a quarter zip element, and a more form-fitting look (for when you’re vaccinated and ready to party). We could see these designs on someone like Bad Bunny — who, if you’re not aware, is king of casual drip.


The brand’s two new Earth Day designs come in two colors, with the blue seeing profits go to sea-based environmental causes and the green aiding land-based causes. Both shirts are made of Tombolo’s signature plush terry cloth and boast prints by William Morris, a 19th-century artist and a man long considered to be the “father of the sustainability movement.”

With a floral design, the blue shirt is closer to the original, tropical feel of a cabana shirt. The green sports a more earthy pattern with branches and leaves. Both shirt’s patterns, though, make it hard to detect two pockets on the front of the shirt — perfect for when you don’t want to leave your keys or wallet in your pants pocket.


Look good and do good — Plus, you can feel good about buying either shirt, given that 100 percent of their proceeds will be benefiting the environment they depict. Each shirt costs $128 — looking good comes at a price — and will be available for pre-order starting March 19.

Although Earth Day isn’t until April 22, a purchase now is a good idea: spring is almost here, and this is a design you can wear all the way until fall. The cabana shirts’ terry cloth material is perfect for the beach too, and with vaccines on the way, you know we’ll be partying this summer.