This three-in-one 'Butterfly' shoe is a great transition into fall

Tombogo and Saucony get a whole lot of use out of a shell and bootie.

Tombogo and Saucony's Butterfly three-in-one sneaker

As summer peaks, many are already looking forward to their fall footwear. Tombogo and Saucony are helping with the seasonal transition through the Butterfly, a clog-sneaker hybrid with an inner sock to keep you cool and/or cozy all year.

The outer layer is a white and gray shell with an array of holes not unlike a Yeezy Foam Runner. It also looks a lot like Ambush’s 3D-printed clog, although the Butterfly’s exterior utilizes traditional rubber in lieu of a more technical material. Inside is a durable sock-like bootie in grey, and you can either wear the components as standalone units or combine the two for a slip-on, futuristic look.


Don’t get cold feet — The shoe’s bold design can be attributed more to its silhouette than its color palette. Detailing is kept to a minimum through accents of red on the inner bootie, and matching branding appears on the heel, midsole, and insoles. Because Crocs and Yeezy have already paved the way for experimental footwear silhouettes, the Tombogo x Saucony mashup doesn’t feel as silly as it probably would have a couple of years ago.

By making a shoe with so many capabilities, we see a display of functionality at its finest. Wearing each piece separately grants the wearer breathability and comfort, but wearing them together offers protective, versatile footwear for multi-seasonal use. Tombogo designer Tommy Bogo told Hypebeast he considers the Butterfly “outerwear for creative exploration.”

Adaptable clogs, sandals, and mules have become popular lately. Merrell unveiled a cool Hydro Runner that combines its Hydro Moc foam clog with a breathable mesh sock, while Jordan Brand’s two-piece fell short of design expectations. For the more simplistic dressers, pairing socks with Crocs is good, too.

Tombogo and Saucony’s Butterfly is slated to release on August 19. To get ahead of the crowd, you can sign up for Tombogo’s newsletter, which will feature instructions on how to enter a raffle for the kicks.