These perfect T-shirts make the case that all fish look zooted

From a self-described source of "questionable design."

Have you ever looked at a fish? I mean really looked at a fish? You don't need to be a marine biologist to tell that those things are absolutely smacked, straight zooted if you will. This was not something I was aware of until today when these splendid T-shirts of fish accompanied by various terminology for getting stoned swam into my life. They're quite perfect, as good if not better than anything your favorite streetwear brand has to offer right now.

But before we delve into them further, let's take a look at some real-life fish as proof that each and every one of them is zonked.

imageBROKER/Norbert Probst/imageBROKER/Getty Images

Tell me this guy or gal isn't loaded. It's journeyed into the void only to confront itself.

imageBROKER/Norbert Probst/imageBROKER/Getty Images

Woah there buddy, take it easy. One more hit and you'll be fully yakked.

Samad Malik Photography/Moment/Getty Images

This is your brain on drugs.

Hal Beral/Corbis/Getty Images

This, also, is your brain on drugs.

Steve Korn/Tetra images/Getty Images

Just try to act normal.

Photography by ZhangXun/Moment/Getty Images

What kind of drug-induced orgy have I walked into? How long have y'all been going at it? Y'all are positively cooked.

Get the idea? — Now that we've accepted that every single fish is torqued, we may as well start spreading the good word through these shirts from Donbea Tees. The small, Chicago-based brand touts itself as a source for "questionable design" and yet it's stumbled upon an unimpeachable thesis. Every single shirt in its "Something Fishy" collection is pure bliss, the kind you can only truly understand if you're a gill-bearing aquatic craniate animal who's just taken a fat rip.

Donbea Tees

All of the designs are $24.95 for a short-sleeve T-shirt and $29.94 for a long sleeve. They're even available in a full range of colors, making the decision of which fish to choose even more difficult. Check out some more of our favorites below, and head to Donbea Tees' webstore to grab your own.

Donbea Tees
Donbea Tees
Donbea Tees