The Withings Scanwatch is my favorite wearable from CES 2020

I'll take battery life over apps any day.

Withings ScanWatch combines the best bits of a Fitbit with those of an Apple Watch in an attractively minimalist wearable. What are those best bits? If the case of Fitbit, it’s fitness tracking, sleep-tracking and great battery life (up to 30 days in this instance. And the Apple Watch? Until now, its heart-health monitoring features have been unrivaled. But Withings hasn’t just matched Apple’s built-in EKG, its added sleep apnea detection.

Heart checks and oxygen measurements –– It’s thanks to the combination of a new oxygen saturation sensor and a dedicated sleep tracker that the ScanWatch can detect sleep apnea. To be clear, it can’t do anything about it, but it can recommend a doctor’s visit for further testing.

Similarly, the always-on heart rate monitor can detect and track any irregularities in the wearer’s heartbeat (like arrhythmia) and recommend a checkup via the Withings Health Mate app.

Small screens mean great battery life –– A small, circular PMOLED screen on the ScanWatch’s face displays the various metrics the watch tracks, along with smartphone notifications and incoming call alerts. Because the screen is so compact, Withings says users can expect up to 30 days of battery life. That means even frequent exercisers using the watch to track long workouts should get at least two weeks between charges.

Withings unveiled the ScanWatch at CES in Las Vegas this week and when it goes on sale later this year it’ll cost $249 for the 38mm version and $299 for the 42mm. Both sizes use standard watch straps, so the customization options on that front are pretty much limitless. And both are clad in stainless steel and sapphire glass, so they should prove hardier than their plastic-clad predecessors, which often got scruffy-looking too fast for my liking.

Naturally, users who demand on-wrist apps are going to be disappointed in the ScanWatch, but for those who prioritize health data, comprehensive sleep monitoring, simple notifications, understated design, and battery longevity, it’s a dream come true. I’m one such user, which is why I think my heart just skipped a beat, and why Withing's latest is my favorite wearable of CES 2020.