The Weeknd and MSCHF made a vinyl saw blade so good it hurts

It’s available via 24-hour auction, so don’t run “Out of Time.”

MSCHF x The Weeknd Vinyl Blade

The Weeknd and Brooklyn art collective MSCHF are thinking outside the box with their latest partnership. The two have joined forces to create a fully playable vinyl saw blade to promote the musician’s single “Out of Time” from his Dawn FM album.

Cutting edge — Set on a saw plate record, the project includes an adapter compatible with most turntables. The vinyl comes in a cherry red finish with black accents and features The Weeknd and MSCHF’s co-branding, the artist’s Dawn FM logo, and other graphics similar to an actual blade. Although the promotional video and imagery depict the piece in use on an actual saw, the website points out that the item isn’t rated or intended for use as a functional saw blade.

MSCHF also sent a warning to interested buyers that the Vinyl Blade has sharp edges, a non-standard size, and is “significantly heavier” than the average vinyl. It even mentioned that some turntables might not be able to handle the untraditional dimensions and appearance of the Vinyl Blade. The copper-clad steel grooves could potentially wear down the turntable’s stylus, so if you’re set on testing it out, MSCHF recommends a playback speed of 33 RPM.


No such thing as bad publicity — The art collective is always kicking up mischief for its releases, seen through its “Jesus Shoe,” a Nike Air Max 97 infused with holy water from the River Jordan, and a Birkenstock-like sandal made with Birkin bag materials. Back in early 2021, MSCHF also collaborated with Lil Nas X on the highly controversial “Satan Shoe,” another Nike Air Max 97 that was filled with real human blood. Nike filed a lawsuit over the Pentagram-adorned kicks and made clear that they wanted nothing to do with the shoes.

The Weeknd, meanwhile, is starting the North American leg for his “After Hours Til Dawn” tour with Doja Cat this summer. He is also replacing Kanye West at Coachella, who dropped out this week, and is set to perform alongside Swedish House Mafia.

The Vinyl Blade is limited to only 25 units and will be available via blind auction with a minimum bid of $1,000. After the 24-hour auction closes today, the top 25 highest bidders will receive a vinyl and non-selected entrants will be refunded. It’s definitely one of the most creative music promotions we’ve seen, perfect for The Weeknd fans or carpenters who really love construction-themed keepsakes.