The 'Ramen Saddle' is a wearable artwork for your dog. But don't eat it.

It's the latest hot fit from the canine-loving atelier, Between Two Naps.

A dog wearing a 'Ramen Saddle'
Between Two Naps

Last year, we reported on two projects from New York-based creative director, Rajeev Basu, both modeled by his furry lockdown companion, Remy. The first was a selection of high-end, limited-edition puffy, wearable pillows-cum-helmets for pooches. The second was an upcycled insulating bag that Basu reworked into a doggie jacket. Now the label, "Between Two Naps" — which Basu and his wife, Kelly Miller, created together last year — is back with its most outlandish offering yet: the "Ramen Saddle."

The Ramen Saddle in the "Midnight" colorway.Between Two Naps

Three flavors — There are three variations of the Ramen Saddle, a black version dubbed "Midnight," a white one called "Daydream," and a green-accented version (our favorite) labeled "Le Ramin Sportif." Each is a one-off, handmade with the key material being padded ripstop, equipped with adjustable body straps, and capable of holding one block of instant ramen noodles.

"Each comes with a custom-made woven tag featuring a gratitude statement in Japanese," Basu explains, adding that it's important to remember "ramen is best enjoyed by people." So don't go feeding it to your pupper... especially not undocked. The tag on the white version translates as "very interesting," the one on black reads "thank you," while the sporty edition's tag says "very slow."

The three Ramen Saddle labels.Between Two Naps

“We like ideas with a hint of the absurd, Basu explains to Input, when asked about what inspired the collection. "It's good to make idiotic things, because idiotic things are fun. With this series, we wanted to create pieces of art that Remy could be part of. We thought the idea of 'wearable art objects' was interesting, and something we'd never seen before for dogs."

Only going once — All of Between Two Naps items are one-off, and though not all of them are put up for sale, some show up on the team's Instagram page, so if you've got a Remy-sized pooch and want to ensure it's the talk of the dog park, keep an eye out for new releases. (Got a bigger best friend? We can recommend the Creekside Snowsuit that comes in a variety of sizes).

Alternatively, if you have your own ideas for fur-child haute couture projects, Basu says he'd love to hear from you. "We’d love to collaborate with other artists and creators to make more weird and wonderful things for dogs."

We asked Basu what's next for BTN and Remy. "We're already working on our next pieces and they are very different again. To keep things fresh, each series follows a completely new theme, and the inspiration usually comes from Remy."

Remy models the "Daydream" Ramen Saddle.Between Two Naps