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The pulse of culture: Cartier’s latest watch is redefining the creative generation

How does a watch that's wielded a devoted following up the ante? According to Cartier, it all starts with a few modern upgrades. This is the Pasha de Cartier — first debuted in 1985 — with extroversion and sophistication at its core. It’s now making its way into 2020, with a new focus on personalization to match its timeless design. After all, when you own something this luxurious, you also want to make sure that it’s integrally aligned with your personal style.

A Wristwatch For The Eyes

If a face is going to remain in your periphery, you want it to be aesthetically pleasing. The Pasha is designed in steel, yellow, or pink gold, and — if it’s your speed — set with diamonds. Within that sheen-heavy bezel is a detail that harkens back to the original design: a square filigree rail-track. On its hip is a chained crown with a blue spinel or sapphire cap. It’s hard to miss.