The North Face dips into its archives for the perfect spring jacket

The 1994 Retro Mountain Light Jacket returns with Futurelight tech.

Will the coronavirus kill light jacket season? Obviously, it's way down the list of priorities, but social distancing is eating into one of the greatest times of year. Layering is essential to Dressing with a capital "d," and spring and fall are the sweet spots when you can do so without totally swallowing your outfit whole. But who needs layers when you're stuck inside? Reader, it's time to think of the long game.

The North Face has reintroduced its 1994 Retro Mountain Light Jacket, a casual hiking jacket first introduced in 1988. The lightweight piece was made for backpacking, ski touring, or climbing — but its blocky, retro design is perfect for the streets today. It's been revamped with TNF's Futurelight waterproof technology, making it ideal for a jaunt through the rain.

The North Face

A treat for your future social self — Such a stroll may seem like a distant memory given our current predicament, but hey, you'll still need to hit the store at some point. And sunnier days — metaphorically speaking — are still ahead. Come fall, we'll hopefully be closer to a more normal social life. The ideal spring jacket has the same qualifications for autumn, so think ahead to the fits of your future. Zippers underneath the arms allow for extra ventilation, but the whole thing is versatile. It can be rolled up and packed into the internal chest pocket and can also zip into the 95 Retro Denali to become a full winter coat.

The 1994 Retro Mountain comes in bright hues of blue, red, pink, and teal, as well as in camo. For those looking for a more muted affair, there's also grey and all-black. It's available now at The North Face's site for $349. The joys of light jacket season can still be yours if you're willing to delay gratification.

The North Face