The go-to Crocs for chefs now come in a rich tie-dye

Still super trendy outside the kitchen.

Crocs Bistro

Crocs crawled out of the swamps of repulsion last year to become one of the trendiest shoes of the year, but one place they've always been popular is in professional kitchens. The brand even makes a clog specifically tailored to kitchen workers' needs, the Bistro, removing the holes for protection and adding a slip-resistant tread.

Now, the Crocs comfy enough to stand in all night come in a tie-dye print that embraces another, more psychedelic trend that helped defined 2020. The latest color variant for the Bistro comes bathed in a fetching tie-dye and shows that Crocs will continue its hot streak in 2021.

We hold house shoes in high-esteem here at Input, and these trippy Crocs are worth picking up for a continued and forced domestic existence — even if you spend more time on Seamless than in front of a stove. They'll also hold up well if you stray outdoors, but remember it's house shoe or outside shoe and never both.

Slam Jam

How did Crocs get so hot? — Normcore and dadcore trends have mostly given way to outdoor-loving gorpcore, but the Crocs rise in popularity shows the former two still have some staying power.

Collaborations with celebrities and high-profile brands including Justin Bieber, Bad Bunny, and the Grateful Dead x Chinatown Market have helped push the needle — and the pandemic also bolstered preferences for comfort and simplicity. And with a typical price range of around $50, Crocs are also refreshingly cheap in a landscape where sneakers often hit $300 before the resale market.

Irony also plays a strong role, as normcore and dadcore specifically target historically uncool items to make them unexpectedly stylish. When you look at all the boxes Crocs check, it's been a perfect storm for them to rain down on celebrities, influencers, and hypebeasts alike.

Slam Jam

Get your tie-dye pair now — Crocs new tie-dye Bistro is available now for a very palatable $50. You can scoop them up directly through Crocs webstore, or look to retailers including Slam Jam if it makes you feel more stylish.

We can't promise your chef game will improve, but why not look the part at least?