Let 'em rip: A brief history of the best stoner sneakers ever

Nike, Adidas, and others aren't afraid of celebrating the 4/20 holiday.

The intersection of stoners and sneakerheads has enjoyed a fruitful relationship over the past 20 years. With marijuana now legalized in several states and more mainstream regardless of locale, even giants like Nike and Adidas have turned April 20 into an occasion to celebrate through footwear.

Sometimes, the results are quite literal and the kicks look as if they could be smoked. Other times, the ties have come through the materials or inspiration from famous people known to indulge in the bud. We're taking a look at some of the best shoes to invoke the ganj and pay respect to those who did it before massive corporations decided it was safe.

Cappi Thompson/Moment/Getty Images

The granddaddy, no purp, of the movement is Chad Muska, the legendary skater and founder of Supra. Before starting his own footwear line, and even before joining Circa, he was sponsored by éS and created a flourish that would be adopted by Nike and Adidas many years later. His first and only éS signature model in 1997 featured a stash pocket inside the tongue with no greater purpose than to hide weed. Supra has been no stranger to marijuana either, but this has been Muska’s greatest contribution to the art form.

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