A 'Space Jam' prop and 10 more reusable water bottles that don't suck

Stay hydrated (and help save the planet).

Besides face mask, reusable water bottles are the coolest and most responsible accessory you can own. Single use plastic is so passé, so it's time to stop picking up that bottle of Dasani (gross) and even that good-good Fiji Water. By shedding the habit, you'll not only cut out a dubious practice, you'll also have the chance to to pick out a sharp accessory to bring with you anywhere.

The market for reusable water bottles has never been better, with countless companies trying to make the perfect insulated containers and fashion brands seeking to turn them into a statement piece. You know the game was changed when Virgil Abloh partnered with Evian and Prada made a bottle last year that couldn't stay stocked. While both of those are gone and fodder for the p̶a̶r̶a̶s̶i̶t̶e̶s̶ resellers, there are plenty of other options out there to keep you hydrated in style. Who knows, maybe the right water bottle is the key to you finally getting enough fluids on a daily basis.

Pleasures Lonesome 16 oz Nalgene ($20)

The Drop

Nalgene is a tried-and-true staple with the outdoor crowd, and the classic bottle gets a punk spin courtesy of Los Angeles' Pleasures. Real ones will recognize Gogo's bleeding eyes from Kill Bill, and anyone who doesn't can give you all the strange looks they want.

And Wander x Nalgene ($39)

End. Clothing

Another take on Nalgene comes from And Wander, the stylish outdoor brand from Tokyo. This mountainscape and accompanying poem comes in a range of colors, but it's the yellow version that sticks out to us most.

Snow Peak Kampai ($80)

Snow Peak

Personally, I don't want anything to do with a water bottle that isn't insulated. I'm a stickler for ideal beverage temperatures, no matter what the science says on ice-cold water. This vacuum-sealed, double-walled bottle from Snow Peak, the Patagonia of Japan, is as good as it gets. It also comes with three different lids so it can be used to keep your water cold and your coffee hot.

Noah x Mizu Core Logo Stainless Steel ($48)


Rep the cult-favorite menswear brand from grown-up streetwear enthusiasts with this stainless steel joint made with Mizu. It's got two walls for insulation and Noah's coveted core logo printed on it — meaning no stickers necessary.

Santai Living Premium Bamboo ($27)


For something that feels nicer in your hands, consider this bamboo covered bottle with a stainless steel interior. It also comes with an infuser, making it ideal for tea.

Michael's Secret Stuff ($15)


For the LeBron James Space Jam sequel comes out, rep the original with this bottle recreating the iconic prop. It won't make you any better at ball, but it will draw compliments and nostalgia.

Larq Self Sanitizing Bottle ($118)


Does anyone clean their water bottle as much as they should? That won't be an issue with the self-sanitizing bottle from Larq, which uses a UV-C LED purification to kill 99.999 percent of bacteria in just 60 seconds.

S'well Moonstone Roamer ($55)


Giant water bottles are too often unsightly and only look worse when being lugged around by meatheads. S'well changes that with a 64 ouncer that looks much sleeker than it has any business doing.

Hay Sowden ($35)


George Sowden designed this water bottle for Hay that's so good looking they stock it at the MoMA Design Store. Contrasting colors, an asymmetrical shape, and a floating disk of a lid make the bottle too attractive to pass up.

Hydro Flask Prism Wide Mouth ($60)

Urban Outfitters

You can't do a list of contemporary water bottles without including Hydro Flask. Their product is ubiquitous, but I bet you haven't seen it in this lush seafoam green.

Karl Lagerfeld Rue St Guillaume ($55)


Pour one out for the GOAT with this surprisingly not overpriced bottle bearing Karl Lagerfeld's name.