A $700 Rick Owens pair and 9 other stylish sweatpants you need right now

Time to lounge like a boss.

With many parts of our lives getting closer to normalcy despite the pandemic still roaring in the U.S., many other fashion outlets have declared good riddance to sweatpants. To that, I say nay. More public places may be opening again, but that doesn't mean it's safe. And with winter right around the corner, I'm preparing to shut in once again (as you should too).

At-home shorts should be giving way to sweatpants. Just because you're opting for comfortable loungewear doesn't mean you need to wave the white flag at being stylish. As fashion continues to tear down boundaries, sweatpants have become elevated and are no longer a no-go for the outside world. Prada even dared to tuck a collared shirt into sweats with a black tie to complete the look. Even though you may still wear your pants at home more than anywhere else, you should still treat yourself to the best you can buy.

Doing so doesn't even require a serious splurge, although that hasn't stopped us from putting a few pairs of unconscionably expensive sweatpants in front of you. What else are you going to spend your money on, a new coat to wear for minutes on the day? Forget that and find a new pair of sweats to treat yourself to in our continued COVID-ridden existence.

Aimé Leon Dore Deep Pile Sweatpant ($230)

Aimé Leon Dore

For a quick path to your most cozy fit, go for this fleece-like deep pile from ALD. It's warm enough to handle the cold and so soft you'll be too comfortable to go anywhere near it. The branding is kept tasteful and hidden away above the rear pocket.

Palace S-Line Insert Joggers ($138)


The dual-colored Palace logo stripes may make these look like joggers, but they're actually made of the same jersey as sweatpants. Jacquard knit on the stripes give the sweats a slight hint of elevation, but we're still talking about prime hypebeast fodder here.

Brain Dead Fungisphere Sweatpant ($140)

Brain Dead

Brain Dead continues to be one of our favorite streetwear brands out right now, if not the favorite, by embracing fashion's shroom boom on graphic sweats. For a proper dose, go a size higher than usual for the perfect bagginess.

Champion Reverse Weave Sweatpants ($50)


In addition to its perfect hoodies, Champion also makes sweatpants out of the same dreamy reverse weave cotton for a mere Virgil. When it comes to choosing a color, we shouldn't have to tell you what grey sweats do for a man.

Adidas R.Y.V. Sweat Pants ($65)


At just $65, Adidas tonal red sweats are also a killer deal. The bigger you go on sizing, the better.

John Elliot Loose Stitch Sweatpants ($186)

John Elliot

John Elliot has led the charge on fashionable sweatpants, and one of his signature garms is on sale from $248. Of his different cuts, the loose stitch is our favorite because it's got plenty of room, sweeping lines, and the perfect length for a drawstring.

Han Kjobenhaven Grey Tie-Dye Logo Lounge Pants ($165)


By now, damn near every item of clothing has been tie-dyed — not that we're complaining. Here in grey, Han Kjobenhaven's treatment looks like a room filled with smoke.

Supreme Patchwork Sweatpant ($168)


You don't need to turn to the resale market for the patchwork sweatpants from this week's drop, which are still sitting on Supreme's site. Worry not about staining, as the black version comes already bleached.

Opening Ceremony Red Box Logo Lounge Pants ($275)


Don't let "Box Logo" in the title confuse you; these sweats are all Opening Ceremony. The great boutiques days of rounding up the best up-and-coming designers may be behind us, but OC's in-house offerings are still worth following.

Rick Owens DRKSHDW Pants ($680)

Rick Owens

Goths need to be comfortable at home too, which is why Rick Owens makes insanely expensive black sweatpants to covet. Even though Owens is an expert in black, we're feeling the softer palette of this surprising seafoam green.