Stüssy's doormat and 8 other streetwear home goods you'll want

Not a KAWS doll or Bearbrick in sight.

Since beginning these weekly roundups, I've been plagued by the need to offer extra justification for buying new clothes while nearly all of the best settings for wearing them have been eliminated. Sure, you can still buy stuff — and I certainly have — but COVID-19 has reduced the normal return on investment. So in order to put something in front of you that you'll get more out of while spending the majority of your time inside (and so I can take a week off of caveats) I've rounded up an assortment of interior goods sourced from the world of streetwear.

Sprucing up your space is both an enjoyable process in and of itself and one that results in a setting you'll feel much more comfortable spending so much time in. As Toby Israel, a design psychologist and author of the book Some Place Like Home told Input, "When people need to stay at home, the challenge is to make it an oasis and not a fortress." So what better to make that challenge easier than my humbly curated suggestions?

What I did not do is include any streetwear dolls. If you like them, you don't need me to enlighten you on the many options. And if you think they're tacky, as you should, there's no sense in me pretending like a KAWS figure or Bearbrick can be condoned in any setting. What I have gathered is a range of items that come from our silly little world and still exude a sense of taste. Your dwelling should be full of grown accents, but that doesn't mean giving up the joys of streetwear. Peruse the suggestions for your home to find the right piece (or pieces) to spark a little joy at home.

WTAPS x Kuumba Incense ($47)


Kuumba is the unofficial incense of streetwear. Numerous brands have collaborated with the Japanese brand, but the appeal doesn't come from the cosigns. What's important is that it smells great, and this 50-pack made in collaboration with WTAPs will keep your space doing just that for weeks.

Neighborhood Booze. Radio CE-Incense Chamber ($120)


Naturally, you're going to need something to hold that incense as well. Neighborhood's ceramic middle finger has proven a popular choice, but for something less aggresive and expected go with their skull-topped radio. It's half off at Union, which is a steal for a quality piece that'll look great even when nothing's burning.

Medicom Toy x Undercover Gilapple Clock ($245)


I said no Bearbricks, but the toy's manufacturer Medicom also made this gilded apple clock with Undercover. It looks like something your dad might on his desk, but with a little more edge when you look closer at the clock face.

Noah Skull Crest Mizu Pint Cup ($28)


It's not all about what you can put on display. Some of the best things are what you'll physically interact with on the regular. This stainless steal pint cup will become your favorite thing to drink out of.

Mister Green Rolling Logo Trey ($69.99)

Mister Green

That cup can be used for anything, but let's not pretend this tray is for anything but vices. Mister Green makes tasteful products oriented around marijuana, and it's upgraded the rolling trey by making it out of polished brass with a small trio of inscriptions. Sure, you could also use it to store your keys and various knick knacks — but that would be a robbery of its one true purpose.

Stüssy Welcome Mat ($65)


Stüssy's welcome mat is a classic, long-running piece — but I've yet to see it reach the point of oversaturation. Stick it outside your door for an OG streetwear greeting.

Brain Dead x Tetsunori Medium Rug ($600)

Brain Dead

For inside, go with this Brain Dead collaboration made in Japan. The streetwear brand routinely sells out of its logo rugs, but this unbranded design by the artist Tetsunori Tawaraya is superior in appearance and quality.

Supreme Alphabet Vase ($160)


This is not your grandma's vase, as it comes from Supreme and with an evergreen mentality, "Fuck Em." Leave it empty on your mantle or fill it with flowers, the latter of which is a fragrant experience not enough men take part in.

Human Made Storage Caddy ($45)


Chances are you could use more storage, and this Human Made caddy comes with branding subtle enough not to scream "fuccboi." You'll probably be the only one who cares enough to notice who made it, but that's part of the fun.