No one wants to see your feet, but these 10 sandals may change that

Don't doubt yourself. You can definitely pull these off.

Don't let the coronavirus hold you back — it's sandal season, baby. With temperatures rising and the sun finally shining, it's time to expose your feet and slip or slide into a set of footwear made for water-adjacent situations. Dudes have finally begun to appreciate the form in recent years, and all the best brands have made it all the more tempting by churning out their own desirable takes on a category that, in the wrong hands, can easily become unseemly.

But don't you worry, don't be shy to free your feet. We've scoured through the web to find the sandals that are far from ugly and won't have you looking like a bum. Whether you want to go sporty, utilize it as a house shoe, or go with something that would be well-suited for a more formal summer affair, this list will hold you down no matter what. Choose one (or more) from brands like Dries Van Noten, Nike, and Tevas and then decide for yourself if you want to go all-in and sockless.

A tip: the classic white crew sock beloved by dads is absolutely a look.

Tevas Hurricane XLT2 ($70)

Let's start with an affordable classic. When I think Tevas, I think Boulder, Colorado. The city adjacent to my hometown has an aesthetic that's close to my heart, but not everyone wants to go that hippy. These multicolored joints aren't crunchy and have a sole durable enough for a hike to the watering hole. And if you want something less loud, there's also an all-white pair with an icy sole reminiscent of Air Jordans.

Dior Oblique Jacquard Sandal ($700)

For way more of a flex, go with these Suicoke-esque Dior sandals with a beefy strap system. Kim Jones has worked wonders with Dior's iconic motif since taking them helm of creative director, and these sandals are every bit as covetable as any pair of sneakers.

Suicoke MOTO-VEU3 ($237)


Or, for about a third as much, go with some actual Suicokes. The Japanese brand may just have the hottest sandal in fashion right now, with collaborators like Tyler, the Creator, Aimé Leon Dore, and John Elliot in its wheelhouse. These bright yellow ones are in-house releases and every bit and stunning as any more hyped pair.

Nike ACG Air Deschutz ($TBD)


Nike ACG, the always on-point outdoor offshoot, is bringing back the Air-equipped sandals from 1992. Even if the design is nearly 30 years old, you still won't find many better sandals equipped for sporting. And you'll only have to wait until May 14 to scoop a pair.

Dries Van Noten White Velcro Strap Sandals ($710)


This calfskin leather pair from Dries Van Noten is properly grown. You could wear it to Diddy's White Party, if you were lucky enough to get an invite, and no one would bat an eye. For us pions, it would still be a joy to throw these on and pretend like you're at the annual affair.

Malibu Thunderbird Sandals ($175)

Malibu Sandals

I have a similar pair, only in black because I couldn't scoop brown in my size and on sale. #MuleBoyz, started by two friends and former coworkers of mine, is a movement to embrace, and Malibu's Mexican huarache-inspired offerings are a fantastic entry point. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they're made of vegan leather and hemp for a dynamic, environmentally friendly mix of brown and white.

Chanel Pearls and Lambskin Mules ($1,100)

I don't know why Chanel is calling these mules. They are most definitely slides, but an ornate pair at that. The lambskin leather has to feel incredible on the soles of your feet, and the woven bead strap is gorgeous. But if you're gonna drop $1,100 on some slides, you better get a good logo hit out of it, which Chanel delivers with a gold brooch.

Hoka One One Recovery Slides ($50)

Hoka One One

Hoka One One is well-known for the massive soles it puts in its elite running shoes, and these slides are no different. But don't just do it for the look. These slides are so good for your feet than they've been given the American Podiatric Medical Association award.

Keen Zerraport II ($110)

Tie-dye, it's hot. And Keen has created a hit by doing up its straps with the psychedelic pattern, proving there's still room for innovation when a trend has reached peak saturation.

Vetements Anatomical Logo Flip-Flops ($310)

We posted about these back in January, and now is finally the time to rock them. I personally have an aversion to the thong, but these freakishly anatomical flip-flops from the boundary pushers at Vetements could make me reconsider.