$70 Levi's classics and 9 other jeans you must have in your closet

Denim has turned really weird in 2020.

Cooler weather will soon be upon us, bringing back the days to really start dressin'. While the seasonal meme makes fun of the bulk that can be piled on in fall and winter, it's genuinely thrilling to be begin layering and wearing full pants again. One of the first items you should bring back out is a good pair of jeans, and you may as well pick up something new to kick of the season as well.

Whether you want to play it safe with classic washes or embrace some of the weirder prints that have become more trendy, there's only one rule you should follow when it comes to jeans: keep it loose. As long as the cropping is right, i.e. not at JNCO levels, you shouldn't be afraid of giving yourself more room with your jeans. Cuff 'em up, let them pile, or expose some ankle with a high crop. Whatever you do, just give your legs (and your, umm, boys) some room to breathe.

We've put together a list of some of the best jeans you'll find on the market right now, including an old faithful from Levi's and all-over prints that are firmly on-trend. Find the one that's right for you so you too can really start dressin'.

Marine Serre Blue Regenerated Denim Allover Moon Jeans ($1,050)


Marine Serre, just 28 years old from France, is one of the most exciting young designers around right now. Her collections make the case for sustainability as a norm, and her signature crescent print has turned an Islamic symbol into one of fashion's most recognizable new patterns. This straight-leg jean hits both notes with recycled denim and an all-over graphic that's been applied with lasers in a further bid for sustainability.

Noah Black Pleated Jean ($228)


Pleats are a short cut to sprucing up your pants, and Noah's customers jumped at the opportunity when it first introduced pleated jeans in this year's spring/summer collection. While those flew quickly, the newest wash is still in stock and a great way to elevate a pair of black jeans that goes with everything.

Levi's Blue 501 Original Fit Jeans ($70)


Levi's remains the king of denim at a price that can't be beat. 501s will never go out of style, and this faded blue makes a strong case for keeping your jeans simple.

Our Legacy Hanabi-Print Straight-Leg Denim ($409)


On the other hand, it's tough to resist the temptation to freak it with Our Legacy's screaming print that seems to drip down the legs. The straight leg is wider than advertised, and when it piles up at on your shoes it only brings out the melting effect more.

S.R. Studio. LA. CA. White SOTO Hand-Dyed Jeans ($895)


Also on the wild side are these white jeans hand-dyed in Los Angeles. Each pair made is one-of-a-kind, and it'll go great with all the Deadhead merch that's been cropping up.

3Sixteen CT⁠-⁠15x Classic Tapered ⁠15y Denim ($200)


The irregular vertical pattern was achieved with a high variance in the yarn used to weave the selvedge denim in Japan. This effect will only become more pronounced as you wear them, bringing even more joy to making selvedge denim your own. Because Japan likes to keep its denim true to the original, the waist sits higher than you maybe be used to — something you should keep in mind for sizing but not be scared off by.

Orslow 105 13.5oz Selvedge Denim Standard Fit ($265)

Blue Owl

Orslow, one of the best Japanese producers of denim, is known for its "slow fashion" approach, making the same quality pieces in the same fit time after time. A pre-soak makes this selvedge denim softer than usual, while a button fly, oxidized rivets, and paper waist patch stay true to the old ways of making jeans.

Kapital Century Denim 5P Monkey Cisco No.1.2.3. ($662)

Mannahatta NYC

Kapital often gives wacky embellishments to its Japanese denim, but here you've got to look closer to see what makes them special. Sashiko, originally used to extend the lifestyle of well-worn textiles, gives these jeans a gorgeous and subtle texture. "Monkey Cisco" is Kapital's widest fit, so you'll want to go two sizes up when purchasing.

Loewe Blue Fisherman Jeans ($690)


Loewe took a mom-worthy wash and applied it to these heavily cropped jeans that would allow you to wade well into a body of water. Slash pockets at the hips add to the unusual look, while a calfskin patch on the rear reminds you of the luxury.

Supreme Stone Washed Slim Jean ($168)


While hypebeasts freak out over Supreme's accessories, collaborations, and box logo, the brand's high-quality jeans often go under the radar. While the most hyped products give you a brief dopamine high, the jeans will be a go-to for years.