10 flannel shirts you'll fall in love with this winter

A staple for good reason.

We may be far removed from the so-called hipster lumberjack look, but a good flannel shirt never goes out of style. A solid weight and soft touch make flannels something of a security blanket in winter. They're versatile, able to be worn as a shirt or light jacket, and look great with just about everything from khakis to jeans. But most importantly, flannels bring the warmth you need indoors and out.

Whether you're looking for the classic buffalo check or something more far out, there's a flannel here for you. We've put together some of the very best, including heritage brands that've made flannels longer than you've been alive and designers who've imagined the winter staple in new ways. Pick up these and you'll have something fit for any holiday gatherings you may attend against better judgment, or just for laying around the crib.

Wax London Whiting Overshirt ($170)

Wax London

A paparazzi shot of Brad Pitt blasting a dart during a break from charitable work sent jawnz enthusiasts on a mission to identify the immaculate flannel he wore. No one has been able to ID the exact piece, but this heavyweight overshirt from Wax London comes damn close.

Uniqlo x JW Anderson Flannel ($20)


JW Anderson's Uniqlo collection was already ripe with steals before it went on sale. Pick up this deceptively simple flannel for dumb cheap before it sells out.

Engineered Garments Flannel Floral Shirt ($101)


Who says a flannel can't be spring-y? Engineered Garments loves to break the rules with Americana, and here they've opted for a colorful floral print instead of the standard plaid.

Pendleton Cascade Flannel ($63)


Pendleton's flannels rarely change, and there's no reason for them to. They'll never look out of place, and they'll last you a lifetime. Scoop one up directly from the source, or head to your local vintage haunt, where you'll be sure to find 'em on the low.

Awake NY Heavyweight Barbed Wire Shirt ($220)


Streetwear is just one of many fields where flannels have flourished, and right now Awake NY has the best in class. Something about the subtle white tones seems to elevate a flannel, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pair it with sweats either.

4S Designs Check Button-Up Shirt Jacket ($354)


4S Designs, the independent line from former Nepenthes NY lead Angelo Urrutia, has quietly arrived with cheeky twists on menswear staples. Here, the checkered flannel takes on a pixelated look that instantly stands out.

Needles Graffiti Plaid Shirt ($310)


Needles' 7-cut flannel has become oversaturated to the point of memes, but we're not ready to quit it yet thanks to this well-distressed tie-dye.

Stüssy Camp Collar Checkered Flannel ($110)

Mr. Porter

Camp collars: they're not just for summer. No one has ever called a flannel formal, but Stüssy makes it even more casual with the wide collar from your favorite vacation shirt.

Noah Tartan Flannel ($158)


Easter Sunday meets a White Christmas with Noah's bright yellow flannel. Noah's quality remains unquestioned, and you better act quick as this joint is still available in small and medium only.

Woolrich Trout Run Buffalo Shirt ($89)


If you're going to go with a classic buffalo check, you should opt for a classic brand as well. The name actually comes from a Woolrich designer who owned a herd of buffalo — and everyone else has ran with it since.