Find yourself a sunny breeze in these 10 perfect camp collar shirts

An ideal garment for idyllic weather.

Camp collar, Cuban, or Hawaiian: whatever you want to call it, it's the ideal shirt of leisure for summer and spring. While buttoned up, the short-sleeved silhouette feels less stuffy than its shirting cousins because of its looser and straight cut, placket opening, and namesake one-piece collar. Its origins in the United States date back to the 1910s, but the real explosion began in the '50s while done up in Hawaiian prints. And while the camp collar has never really disappeared, it continues to exude a charming aura of a bygone era. Even, and maybe especially, when there's a slight sense of dirtbag.

To put it more simply, it's a vibe — and a vibe you should be embracing each and every summer. Whether you're already a seasonal devotee or yet to channel your best man of luxury and leisure, there should be room in your closet for another camp collar. We're here to enable that addition with some of the best offerings of the season. We've considered all budgets, because you don't need to drop guap to look like you've got it.

Stüssy Banana Tree Shirt ($135)

End Clothing

Camp collars are just one of many things that Stüssy does impeccably and affordable season after season. This year, my favorite is this tropical joint that doesn't need any color to stand out.

Casablanca Casa Airways Silk Shirt ($545)


Casablanca, however, rarely forgoes color in its bid to keep customers looking like they're at a beach resort or tennis club. Taking inspiration from Japanese souvenir jackets, this silk shirt will have you feeling like a millionaire — even if it costs you a nontrivial portion of your paycheck.

Blue Blue Japan Printed Woven Shirt ($455)

Mr. Porter

Or why not go directly to the source in Japan? Blue Blue Japan takes its cultural heritage and quality seriously, in this case resulting in a shirt that's nothing but fun.

Levi's Cubano Shirt ($45)


Don't get your hoodie from the jean store, but absolutely do get this Cubano. It was already a steal at $60, but now it's an even better bargain. Unbuttoned or not, an undershirt is not required.

Uniqlo U Cuban Short Sleeve Shirt ($30)


Another great deal, and also on sale, is this guayabera complete with vertical pleats from the ever-reliable Uniqlo U. I'll be putting my money where my mouth is as soon as this is published.

Noah Watercolor Floral Shirt ($148)


We can't give you enough white options, but Noah's adds some flair to the back with a ripe floral arrangement. You can't talk about Noah without taking about its fabrics, and here the brand uses lightweight poplin cotton from Portugal.

Bode One-Of-A-Kind Handkerchief Patchwork Shirt ($445)


No two patchworks from Emily Bode are ever the same, and no garment from the young designer is anything short of dazzling. Here, she fastens vintage handkerchief into a shirt to drool over.

Saturdays NYC Canty Striped Polka Dot ($175)

Saturdays NYC

Blue is always a safe bet, but if you're feeling even more adventurous go for the yellow version of this funky geometric print.

Prada graphic-print cotton shirt ($1,257)


Miuccia Prada has worked wonders with the bowling shirt, but it's time to move on. (Blame Jeff Goldblum.) Go for something prettier and psychedelic instead of the mismatched prints that celebrities haven taken to with fervor for the past three years.

Stüssy Coral Pattern Shirt ($125)


As a self-imposed rule, I never include more than one item from one brand on these weekly product roundups. But I'll break about any rule for Stüssy. This coral print is too good not include.