A $4 Ikea bucket hat and 9 others to stop the sun from roasting you

Embrace the flop this summer... if you can go outside.

If you've been following our weekly product roundups, you should have all the makings of a strong summer outfit from head to toe. And top it all off, you can't do much better than a bucket hat.

While the slouching, wide-brimmed hat is not only great for protecting you from the sun and rain — it's also a statement piece that will break up the monotony of your ball cap rotation. It seemed to peak midway through the 2010s when you couldn't throw a light beer at a bar without hitting some bro rocking one. Now, it still completed faded away from popularity — it's just nowhere near as ubiquitous. That means you can wear one without looking like you're trying to copy Schoolboy Q or Tyler, the Creator.

In Bulgaria, the bucket hat is called an "idiotka," which literally (and hilariously) translates to "idiot hat." The key to not falling into that description is finding the right construction and materials. The selection that follows fits the bill, whether you're willing and able to spend a stupid amount of money or are working within a tighter budget. Embrace the silhouette and maybe even the term "idiotka" as a cheeky form of ownership.

18 East x Arkair Bucket Hat ($75)

18 East

18 East has garnered a cult following because of gorgeous patterns sourced from India and surprisingly reasonable prices. At $75, the brand's collaborative bucket hat may seem exorbitant, but that's before you realize it's made of organic cotton, water repellent, and comes with an adjustable cinch. It'll be hard to find a bucket hat that can do more.

Carhartt WIP Script Bucket Hat ($26)


This lime green number is made from Carhartt's ever-reliable cotton canvas, meaning you can be sure it'll hold up to abuse. Even better, it's just $26 on sale at Farfetch.

Palace Towelling Bucket Hat ($48)


It would be wrong not include something from Great Britain, where the roadman has stayed committed to the bucket. Palace's is made of terry cloth, a dark horse candidate for one of summer's best materials.

Dries Van Noten Gillian M.W. Hat ($193)

Dries Van Noten

For something more refined, consider this hazy floral motif from the gawd Dries Van Noten. It comes with a garment bag so you can treat it as preciously as it deserves.

Loewe Explorer Hat ($390)


Even more luxurious is this chin strapped joint from Loewe, which comes in tie-dye and with a lush leather embossed patch. The Spanish brand has been killing it while taking inspiration from the great outdoors, although the chances of you taking this anywhere near dirt are slim.

Ikea Knorva Hat ($4)


Personally, the idea of wearing Ikea's famed tote bag on my head isn't so appealing. But at just $4, we couldn't not include such a cheap pick up. Logomania doesn't get any cheaper.

Kapital 11.5 oz Denim Radio Hat ($218)

Blue in Green

If there's something that doesn't look great made of Japanese denim, I don't want to know about it. A straight belt attached to the middle seam gives a little more flavor, as does the Navy patch affixed to it.

Issey Miyake Men Green Span Hat ($124)


Issey Miyake also demonstrates what wonders Japan has done with the form with this nylon bucket hat featuring embroidery and cutouts to look like it was stitched back together. It's the Frankenstein's monster of buckets, if only it came out as more charming than freakish.

Prada Nylon Cap ($450)


When it comes to capital-f Fashion, Prada reigns supreme with the bucket hat. Its sleek, trim cut pairs well with the iconic enamel logo and demonstrates why the bucket hat has taken on a life of its own well aware from any outdoor activities.

Stüssy Stock Washed Bucket Hat ($50)


Did you think I'd wrap up this list without having something from Stüssy? The OG streetwear brand keeps it simple with a classic fit and a choice washed treatment. While I'm a proponent of doing the most, sometimes paring it down is just as effective.