Telfar’s Ugg boots are literally sweatpants for your feet

The two brands have collaborated again to bring you luxury Uggs, branded apparel, and comfy underwear.

Plenty of ‘00s trends are being welcomed back (or begrudgingly accepted) into fashion, though some are harder to style than others. But there’s no one who could convince the masses to bring back the Ugg boot like Telfar Clemons, who announced his brand was partnering with Ugg to create boots fit for 2021. The genderless capsule also includes comfy essentials like branded tees and underwear.

Clemens, of course, has a well-documented history with Ugg, having first featured the brand’s classic boot in his Fall 2011 runway show. And much like the footwear label, Telfar is always striving to make luxury more accessible — hence the duo’s last collaboration in November, which created the plushest Telfar shopping bags imaginable, available to consumers via pre-order. Made with Ugg’s signature brown suede and trimmed with cream shearling, the covetable purses mimicked the appearance of an Ugg shoe — so it was only a matter of time before the two brands linked to make an actual boot.

Ugg-cellent — Perhaps rivaling the comfort of the classic Ugg boot, the forthcoming shoes are made of printed heather sweats from Telfar’s mainline collection — a very appropriate and relatable look post-pandemic. Repurposed sweatpant panels make up the gray uppers on both ankle-length and calf-high boots, with some partially bearing Telfar branding.


If the upcycled wool boots get too hot throughout the summer (they will), there are alternative ways you can rep the Telfar and Ugg collaboration. A snug black tee, made glamourous by glistening rhinestone branding, swaps out Ugg’s center “G” for Telfar’s interlocked “T” logo. Further announcing your luxurious comfort — perhaps not as publicly — three exclusive Telfar x Ugg boxers feature the same logo repeated across their elasticized satin waistbands.

Luxury Uggs, Luxury prices — With Telfar making Ugg high fashion, the collaborative capsule unfortunately wields some higher price tags. The calf-high boots are expected to retail for $380, while the classic ankle-length shoes will be priced at $250. Branded tees and boxers are the most affordable pieces in the collaboration, with the former costing $110 and the latter $27.


Should you indulge in the upcoming release, note that there should be plenty of Telfar x Ugg to go around. In Telfar’s democratic nature, all of the collaborative goods will be available for one week on Telfar’s website starting June 14. After that, the boots and apparel will hit Ugg’s site and retail locations on June 21.

If you miss out on the first drop, a second Telfar x Ugg collection will arrive in September this year. You’ll have plenty of time to save up — and cool down — before more Telfar Ugg boots land.