Telfar’s it-bag just got a shearling Ugg makeover

You have 24 hours to preorder the shopping bag.

Telfar x Ugg

Besides a mask, there have arguably been some “it” pieces to cop in 2020 — any Air Jordan 1 Mid, Bad Bunny’s crocs, or the Travis Scott Mcdonald's meal, to name a few. But none of them surpass the Telfar shopping bag, as seen on Bella Hadid, Solange Knowles, and even AOC. The Brooklyn-based brand has now set hearts racing by announcing a holiday-themed collaboration with Ugg — and yes, it’s just as plush as you imagine.

In addition to a Golden Retriever puppy, two handbags were teased on the company’s Instagram account, beginning the hype for the purses. The genderless brand has sold out again and again, barely able to keep up with demand after their explosive introduction to mainstream fashion this year. Even Amazon, which started carrying the label earlier in November, can’t keep the bags in stock. To get these limited edition fluffy bags, you have to hope you can snag one in a 24-hour preorder.

Ugg-cellent — This Telfar bag is literally like no other. Instead of boasting vegan leather material and colorful features like the classic Telfar shopping bag, this Ugg collaboration is made of coffee-colored suede. Ugg’s signature cream shearling makes up the Telfar logo and the trim of the bag, giving it the appearance of an actual Ugg shoe. Leave it to Telfar to make Uggs high fashion.

The design will be offered in a small-sized shopping bag as well as a medium-sized one. You can also order additional goodies alongside the bags, including holiday cards with Telfar’s designer — Telfar Clemens — in a brown Santa "suit" and hat. You can use them to let a lucky person know they’ll be getting a Telfar bag for the holidays.

Secure the bag — In their announcement of the collab, Telfar warned consumers the bags “will sell out in minutes.” But in keeping with their motto that Telfar is “for everyone,” the Ugg bags will be available for preorder during a 24-hour period on Cyber Monday, November 30th. Beginning at 9 a.m. EST that day, you can shop the ultra-plush bag, though no prices have been announced yet.

Deliveries of the bag won’t begin until next year, so unfortunately you can’t flex your Telfar during Zoom family meetups. The brand promises the shopping bags will be delivered sometime between March and Juneteenth. Buyers can look forward to receiving their bags, however, with a Telfar holiday card that will be delivered to them the week leading up to December 24. A preview of the card shared on Telfar’s IG page shows its message: “The future is uncertain but your Ugg x Telfar shopping bag is SECURED.” I can’t wait to see that in person.

Telfar x Ugg