Telfar is letting you order as many Shopping Bags as you want for 36 hours only

As part of the brand’s second Bag Security Program.

Amid brands that thrive off of exclusivity, Telfar is making luxury accessible. Last year, it introduced its “Bag Security Program,” a 24-hour window that allowed consumers to pre-order the brand’s coveted Shopping Bag in all three sizes. The move was equally successful as it was sustainable, and now, Telfar is bringing it back.

With the Bag Security Program, there are no limits on how many bags can be ordered, and delivery is promised before this winter. It’s a game-changer in the streetwear world, where scarcity and hype make products more desirable — but Telfar is a brand truly for the people. By launching another Bag Security Program, Telfar makes sure consumers don’t have to pay outrageous prices for its Shopping Bag, and guarantees all profits go towards the brand rather than resellers.

Secure the bag — Telfar took to Instagram to deliver the exciting news to shoppers. “Last year we messed up the fashion world and the bots with the BAG SECURITY PROGRAM — letting you get what you want, without the stress — and keeping TELFAR Black Owned and 100% independent,” the brand wrote in its post. “You are our investors — and together we are making history again.”

Starting March 30 at 9 a.m. ET, the brand said, shoppers will have the chance to secure their bag(s) via Telfar’s website. This time around, though, consumers will have 36 hours, instead of the previous 24, to decide which bag, or how many, they’d like to pre-order. After production, orders will ship out between July 15 and September 15, only adding to our excitement for summer.

Keeping with its message of inclusivity and community, Telfar will also now let consumers buy their bags through Klarna, a service that breaks down the total cost into four, spread-out payments. With small bags retailing for $150 and the largest size costing $257, the add-on will make the accessories even more digestible for shoppers.

Telfar’s largest Shopping Bag.Telfar

Telfar has it in the bag — Telfar has been selling its Shopping Bag since 2014, but with top names like Bella Hadid, Solange Knowles, and even AOC toting the bag around, it’s become a hot commodity. But unlike other products worn by celebrities — or in the streetwear world in general — Telfar isn’t about scarcity or hype. Even though the brand’s regular drops sell out in seconds, consumers now have the reliable Bag Security Program to obtain their goods — proof that brands can be inclusive and still retain their value.