Takashi Murakami’s Porter sneaker is like wearing cargo pants on your feet

We're not saying that's a bad thing.

Takashi Murakami's exceedingly utilitarian sneaker with Porter is making a return a year after its initial release. The Japanese artist and the bag maker put their heads together for a shoe with an abundance of pouches and a midsole inspired by the Air Force 1.

Dubbed the BS–06R T.Z. Original, which just rolls off the tongue, the shoe released in August 2019 in an army green color treatment that had no problem selling out for ~$560. It'll return later this week in a more stealthy black version that, for once, does not scream Murakami.


The bags get the glory — Murakami's flower and skull motifs are among the most saturated in streetwear, so it's refreshing to see the artist lend his name to a product that isn't defined by them. The signature graphics are still there, but mere footnotes (no pun intended) to the cacophony of bags and pouches, which are made of nylon and fully removable. I'm not sure what exactly you'd keep inside them — or if you even need to utilize the storage capabilities to spark the full joy — but it couldn't be anything you intend to keep hidden. Subtle, this cache is not.

More understated is the Air Force 1 influence, which sees the raised "Air" logo replaced with three of Murakami's flowers. Rendered in black, the graphics stick out less than they did on the white soles from last year. A trio of his eyeballs also appears on the flashlight-sized pouch on the heel, and underneath said pouch is another one of his flowers. The gaudiest and typical Murakami branding is, fortunately, on the heel — but seeing a bunch of flowers and skulls stamped into snow or mud would be unabashedly fun.

Each of the five pouches attaches by velcro and, when removed, can be replaced by grey patches. A pair of D-rings also sits on the tongue and heel to help fasten whatever your heart desires. Hell, make it a Murakami plush keychain if you think the sneaker strays too far from logomania.


Releasing this Thursday — The BS–06R T.Z. Original will go on sale this Thursday, July 23 through Porter and Murakami's webstores, as well as select Porter stores in Japan. Neither site will ship overseas, which means you'll have to turn to the powers of the proxy service.

A shoe this weird just couldn't come so easy.