What do hypebeasts eat for breakfast? Murakami pancakes.

A special pan comes only with a Japanese magazine.

Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co.
Takashi Murakami pancake pan

What do hypebeasts eat for breakfast? Often nothing because the most important and yet skippable meal of the day may be the first thing to go when they've spent too much on their latest cop. But perhaps they'll learn about the economic possibilities of flour, baking powder, and sugar — as a Takashi Murakami pancake mold is sure to whet their appetites.

A special-edition pan bearing Murakami's signature flower is available only with the upcoming issue of Japan's Smart magazine. The first batch of pre-orders have already sold out, but those looking to get their hands on the pan will have another chance on January 25 through retailers like Amazon Japan and Rakuten Books.

I'm not quite sure if proxy services will work with pre-orders to bring the pan Stateside, but if you're dedicated you can holler at your local Japanese bookstore or specialty magazine shop to see if they'll get the cookware along with the April issue of the magazine.

Perhaps it's not as ridiculous as it seems — It's easy to have a knee-jerk reaction and see the Murakami flower pan as just more needless hypebeast fodder — but let's be real, the entire category of pancake and waffle molds is absurd. Harry Potter fans can eat the Sorting Hat and Golden Snitch, while Star Wars enthusiasts can chomp on Yoda and Darth Vader. Hell, there were Mizzou-branded waffle irons at my college dining hall — a small detail that warrants my oppressive student debt.

People love to eat things that look like other things, and should that be a Murakami flower, why not? The Japanese artist is a hypebeast favorite, and even though many fans may be engaging on a surface level with work that invokes the literal flatness of post-war Japan and its subsequent consumer culture, at least they're engaging with art at all.

Let them eat pancakes — and hey, maybe some hypebeasts we'll even learn how to cook.